SOTA VK5 1 year anniversary lunch

Yesterday, Sunday 27th October, 2013, a group of 8 attended the Kingsford Hotel at Gawler for a lunch to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of SOTA in VK5.

Attendees were:-

  1. Ian VK5CZ.
  2. John VK5BJE
  3. Larry VK5LY
  4. Andy VK5LA
  5. Andy VK5AKH
  6. Keith VK5OQ
  7. Mike VK5MCB
  8. Paul VK5PAS


Special thanks to Larry 5LY and Andy 5LA who travelled all the way from the Riverland, and Mike 5MCB, who also travelled to the lunch from Pt Pirie.

Larry 5LY & Andy 5LA even activated Mt Gawler, VK5/ SE-013, on the way to the lunch.  John 5BJE and I received a phone call from Andy to advise that they were on the summit.  So John and I pulled the car over, on Lower Portrush Road, and made contact with Larry and Andy from the mobile.  John was a bit more generous with his signal report than me.

IMGA0005      IMGA0002

We decided that the afternoon at the pub, would be a show and tell, so a selection of transceivers, antennas, and other gadgets were brought along.  It was good to see and hear what equipment everyone was using.

                                                  IMGA0003     IMGA0004

It was a really good fun afternoon with a nice meal, a few beers, plenty of laughs, and a few war stories from a summit or two.


4 thoughts on “SOTA VK5 1 year anniversary lunch

  1. Hi Paul
    A great effort. Thanks for organising a splendid day. I gained lots of ideas and those who brought show and tell ideas are also worthy of great thanks.

    John Dawes’

  2. Hi Peter,
    It was a good fun afternoon. Plenty of laughs and a few ‘war stories’ told. Not sure who won the ‘Mine is bigger than yours !’ competition.

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