3,000 Chaser points

On Saturday morning, I eagerly awaited the first of a number of SOTA activations.  I was sitting on 2,976 Chaser points, and was hoping to get across the 3,000 point line.

My first contact of the day was with Nick VK3ANL who was on an un-named summit, VK3/ VC-032, which is situated north of Ballan.  Another 4 points to the tally.

I then worked Nick another two times during the day, whilst he was on Mount Warrenheip VK3/ VC-019 and then Mount Buninyong VK3/ VC-018.  Nick activated 4 summits that day.  Great effort Nick.

I then saw a spot for Hans WN6E W6/ CT-026 on 15m and decided to have a listen.  And to my surprise, there he was, with a good signal (5/5).  So I gave Hans a call and got through first time with a 5/1 signal report received.

I then worked Phil VK2FPJR who was on un-named summit VK2/ IL-006, in the Illawarra region of NSW.  This took me to 2,992 points.

And then thanks to Rod VK2TWR, who was on VK2/ SM-036, a 10 pointer, I nudged over the 3,000 point mark.  I went on to work a further 17 SOTA activators that day and ended up with 3,097 SOTA Chaser points.

What was really enjoyable this day, was to get VK2 SOTA activators in the log.  It has been a real slog the past 6 months with the VK1 & VK2 Activators on 40m.

I have printed out & mailed off a certificate for Rod VK2TWR, just to say thanks.


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