More fire damage

The Bangor fire in the southern Flinders Ranges continues to burn out of control.  It has now been burning for 23 days, and has burnt nearly 33,000 hectares.  The fire has destroyed a number of homes.  It is currently threatening the townships of Laura, Gladstone, and Beetaloo Valley.

This fire has impacted on the Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and also SOTA summit VK5/ NE-065.  The Telowie Gorge CP is home to a colony of yellow footed rock wallabies, so lets hope they have survived the fire, and not suffered the same fate as some other fauna in some of the other recent fires in South Australia.  The Telowie Gorge CP has been closed until further notice.  I operated from the Telowie Gorge CP mid last year and it is / was a beautiful park, with an excellent walking trail through the gorge.


Photo courtesy of the CFS Facebook page.

The Bluff, VK5/ NE-065, has also been impacted.  I activated this summit last year as well.  The summit is located just to the south of Wirrabara Forest, which has been devastated.

The map below shows the area that the fire has currently burnt out.  The yellow arrow indicates Telowie Gorge Conservation Park.  The red arrow indicates SOTA summit, The Bluff, VK5/ NE-065