WWFF becoming more popular in Australia

The World Wide Flora and Fauna program (WWFF) is increasing in popularity here in Australia.  Tony VK3VTH and Peter VK3ZPF have been very active on the bands including 20 m, working large amounts of stations in Europe during our afternoon (long path).  I have received a number of very favourable e-mails from mates in Europe wanting me to pass on my thanks to Tony & Peter for their efforts.



And in the past week, SOTA guru Andrew VK1NAM, has provided me with all his logs in ADIF format which have been uploaded to the WWFF LogSearch facility.  It appears Andrew has now also been hooked on WWFF.

Andrew VK1NAM has a great blog about his SOTA and parks activities.  Here is a link to what he wrote recently about the WWFF program…..


Activators forward me as the VK representative, their activator log, and I upload these to the WWFF LogSearch.  Hunters do not need to upload anything.  Activators and Hunters can track their progress on LogSearch, and also apply for awards.  There are also Honour boards on the LogSearch page.  Here is where you can find LogSearch…..


Basically, there are 2 award systems in WWFF…..

  • Global awards
  • National awards

The WWFF global awards system requires activators to have 44 contacts over a 2 hour period (this can be done over multiple activations).

The Australian (VKFF) award requires only 10 QSO’s over a 30 minute period.  In Australia, the qualifying parks are National Parks.

Other National awards are on offer from other participating countries.

There is also an Australian (VKFF) Yahoo group which can be found at…..


Ian VK1DI has just started compiling KML files which can be uploaded to Google Earth, so you can view.  At this stage, the following States have been completed: VK5, VK7, VK8.

So why not activate a WWFF park, or combine a SOTA/WWFF activation, for twice the fun.  There are plenty of very nice certificates on offer to wallpaper the shack walls.

More information on the WWFF program can be found at the WWFF global website at…..


Or at the Australian (VKFF) website at…..



Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me.