Ferries McDonald Conservation Park

After packing up at Monarto Conservation Park, I headed just down the road to the Ferries McDonald Conservation Park, about 70 km east of Adelaide.

Ferries McDonald CP is about 845 hectares in size and contains one of the few pieces of remnant males vegetation close to Adelaide.  The land is named in honour of Mr. Ferries and Mr. McDonald, who kindly donated the land for conservation last century. The park is home to over 60 species of birds including the endangered Mallee fowl, and 300 species of plants some of which are significant in their rarity.  It is also home to short beaked echidnas, western grey kangaroos and the marsupial mouse.     Screenshot 2014-05-18 13.38.46

Map courtesy of mapcarta.com

We parked in the carpark located in the south eastern corner of the park, off Chaunceys Line Road.  I strapped the 7 m telescopic squid pole to a nearby post and strung out the legs of the dipole.  After making myself comfortable in the deck chair at the fold up table, I tuned to 7.090.  I asked if the frequency was in use and was immediately greeted by Larry VK5LY who had a very strong 59 plus signal.  This was followed by Nev VK5WG and Terry VK5ATN, both of whom also had very strong 59 plus signals.


The band was in excellent condition again with very strong signals coming in from all parts of Australia.  I even got to work Mike VK6MB who had a beautiful 59 signal coming in from Manimup.  Another interesting contact was with Andy VK3FRDN who was portable at the Cape Otway lighthouse near Apollo Bay.

Again, I had a few enjoyable contacts with QRP callers including Bob BK5FO who was running 11 watts, Darren VK2AUX running 10 watts, Bryan VK7KWB running 5 watts into a long wire antenna, and Scott VK7FTTT using just 5 watts.  All had terrific signals into the park.


My last contact of the day was with Blue ZL3TT, in Napier New Zealand.  Blue was a good strong 59 signal and I received a 57 signal report back from across ‘the pond’.  A few guys had told me that a New Zealand station had been calling, so it was very pleasing when I heard Blue come back to my CQ call.  It was now dark and the mozzies were out in force, so it was time to pack up and head home after a very enjoyable afternoon in the 2 parks.


After an hour in the park I had a total of 39 contacts in the log from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, VK7, and ZL.

The following stations were worked:- Larry VK5LY; Nev VK5WG; Terry VK5ATN; Amanda VK3FQSO; Bob VK5FO; Greg VK5ZGY/m; Matt VK1MA; Colin VK3UBY; Tony VK5TT; Mark VK1EM; Peter VK3FPSR; Bernard VK3AMB; Col VK5FCDL; Max VK3MCX; Darren VK2AUX; Peter VK3ZPF; Neil VK4HNS; Haucke VK1HW; John VK2YW; Mike VK6MB; Tom VK2GU; Ian VK3VIN; ohm VK2MOP; Craig VK3NCR/p; Andy VK3FRDN/p; Danny VK4SD/2; Steve VK5SFA; Peter VK3PF; Bryan VK7KWB; Al VK4FFKZ; Ian VK3FIAN; Darren VK2NNN; Len VK3FB; Scott VK7NWT; Scott VK7FTTT; Arno VK5ZAR; Peter VK5NAQ; Dave VK2BDR; and Blue ZL3TT.


Strathalbyn Garden Club, wwww.strathgardenclub.com.au

4 thoughts on “Ferries McDonald Conservation Park

  1. HI Paul
    I enjoyed reading your entries for Ferries McDonald and Monarto CPs. Both are interesting Parks and you certainly had plenty of contacts. I am sorry I missed you as I need both these parks. But, I was engaging in another passion of mine, music.
    73 John

  2. Hi John,

    Ferries McDonald CP is one of my favourite parks. I have walked through it and seen a few Malleefowl nests (mounds). But never seen a Malee fowl yet. But I would like to do an evening walk and hopefully might see one. Conditions on 40m were certainly extremely good yesterday. Some extremely strong signals.

    Best 73,


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