GMA – Chaser stats

Last night I had a bit of an issue with loading a csv file with my Chaser log from the SOTA website.  So I sent off an email to GMA and was promptly answered by Mario DL4MFM, who was kind enough to reformat the file for me.  This morning I successfully uploaded it to the GMA website.

Here are my Chaser stats…..

Screenshot 2014-05-31 07.51.57

My top 25 chased activators consist mostly of VK1s & VK3s, with Ian VK5CZ creeping in at number 8.  Mike 2E0YYY appears at number 13.  As you would expect, Peter VK3PF (Australia’s 2nd Mountain Goat) appears at number 1, followed by Allen VK3HRA.  Andrew VK1NAM appears at number 3 as VK1NAM/p and at number 12 as VK1NAM/2.  The SOTA website only shows your top 10 chased activators.

I did notice some discrepancies here with statistics from the GMA site and the SOTA site.  This is due to the different point scoring system within the GMA.

 Screenshot 2014-05-31 07.52.06

And here is a list of my top 25 chased summits.  Mount Gowley is actually Mount Gawler.  The SOTA database was corrected some time ago and I have advised Mario of this issue with the GMA database.  Mount Taylor in Victoria is certainly a very popular summit for activators.  The GMA website shows your top 25 whereas the SOTA website shows your top 10.  Again, I noticed some discrepancies here between the GMA stats and the SOTA stats (due to the point scoring system).

Screenshot 2014-05-31 07.52.17

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