New WWFF global award now available.

The World Wide Flora Fauna program (WWFF) are pleased to announce a new WWFF award aimed at activators working from different DXCC entities.  It is the DXFF Activator Award.

The certificates have been designed by Pit YO3JW and has been coded into the WWFF LogSearch award application module by Andrew 2E0GFF.

The certificates are issued in increments of 3.  In other words, activate a WWFF reference area in 3 DXCC entities, 6 DXCC entities, 9 DXCC entities, etc.

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There are a number of other new WWFF global award certificates under development for both Activators and Hunters.

Keep updated via the WWFF global website at…..

These new awards will be on top of the WWFF global award certificates already issued, namely the WWFF Activator and WWFF Hunter certificates.

Remember, that these awards are issued by the WWFF global Committee.  They are separate to the National awards on offer by many participating countries in the WWFF program, which includes Australia (VKFF).

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