An afternoon with the boyz from the Mid North

After my activation of New Campbell Hill I headed into Jamestown and stopped off at the Jamestown Bakery, which I can highly recommend.

I then travelled back to Crystal Brook and went to the home of John VK5FMJC.  We had planned a gathering of some of the Mid North amateurs and for me to deliver a quick powerpoint presentation on the VK5 National and Conservation parks Award and the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

The following attended:

  1. John VK5FMJC
  2. Les VK5KLV
  3. Peter VK5KPR
  4. Nev Vk5WG
  5. Ian VK5CZ
  6. Roger VK5NWE
  7. Bill VK5MBD
  8. Ian VK5IS.

We all enjoyed about 3 hours of general chit chat and shared quite a few laughs and a few war stories.

I also gave the 45 minute presentation on the two parks programs.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon.  And it was great to catch up with a number of hams that I had spoken to many times on the radio, but had never met in person.

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