Clements Gap CP with Les VK5KLV and Peter VK5KPR

Late on the Wednesday afternoon (4th February 2015), after things had wrapped up at John VK5FMJC’s home, myself, Les VK5KLV and Peter VK5KPR, headed out to the Clements Gap Conservation Park.

Screenshot 2015-02-07 15.32.28

Map courtesy of

We set up near the old Methodist church, which is the only surviving building in the area.  Les used his SOTA Beams linked dipole, and his Yaesu FT-817.  Peter and I enjoyed sitting back, listening to Les weave his magic on the bands.

As we sat at this rather remote location, we had some inquisitive visitors, in the form of an English couple.  They were in a motorhome in a parking area across from where we were operating.  As it turned out, the gentleman concerned was G0JDP, who was on holiday in Australia.  Amazing.  Here we were in the bush, really in the middle of nowhere.  And a holidaying English ham had stumbled across us.

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After a few hours in the park, I headed off to Port Broughton, where I enjoyed a steak sandwich on the foreshore, before returning back to activate Clements Gap Conservation Park myself.

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