VKFF Hunter statistics

And here we go with some of the VKFF Hunter statistics.  Remember, that the VKFF program commenced in March 2013.  So I have started in that year.

In 2013, the Top 5 WWFF Hunters in Australia were myself VK5PAS and Larry VK5LY (tied on 39 different WWFF references), followed by Bernard VK3AMB with 38, then Ron VK3AFW on 37, and then Peter VK3PF on 33.

No Australian operators appeared in the Top 44 in the World.  The stats there are amazing.  Coming in at number 44 in the World was SP5ICQ in Poland, with 655 different WWFF reference areas.  Coming in at number one was Luciano I5FLN in Italy, with a staggering 1,360 references.  This just goes to show the popularity of the WWFF program in Europe.

Of note, all of the Top 44 Hunters in the VKFF list were Australians.

Screenshot 2015-07-03 12.17.16

In 2014, Peter VK3PF was the leading WWFF Hunter with a total of 85 different WWFF reference areas, followed by VK5PAS with 83, Amanda VK3FQSO with 81.  There was then quite a gap, with number 4 being Matt VK1MA with 62 different WWFF references, and rounding off the Top 5 was Nev VK5WG also with 62.

Again, no VK’s in the Top 44 in the World.  Luciano I5FLN was at the top again with 1,826 different WWFF references.  I just shake my head at that amazing total.  At number 44 in the World was SA5BZT in Sweden, with 928 references.

Albert S58AL and Luciano I5FLN did sneak into the VKFF list, as the popularity of the VKFF program increased in 2014.

Screenshot 2015-07-03 12.19.19

So far in 2015, Peter VK3PF is leading with a massive 146 different WWFF references for this year to date, followed by Amanda VK3FQSO with 128, and then VK5PAS and Adrian VK5FANA, both with 123.  And rounding off the top 5 is Peter VK3TKK with 113 different references.

And this year, we have no VK’s in the Top 44 in the World.  Leading once again is Luciano I5FLN with 1,283 different references.  At number 44 in the World is SM5BXC in Sweden, with 628 different references.

And now the popularity of the VKFF program increasing, and more VKFF activators getting on to some of the DX bands such as 20m, quite a few Europeans appear in the top 44 list.

Screenshot 2015-07-03 12.19.33


4 thoughts on “VKFF Hunter statistics

  1. Hi Paul, had no idea I was into triple figures with uniques as a hunter this year, they certainly rack up quick. Just shows how many activations there have been, great stuff.
    Mick vk3pmg.

  2. Hi Mick,

    Congratulations on 100 references.

    WWFF is really picking up in popularity which is great to see. Plenty of activators out most weekends, so getting a bagful of references in your log is not the chore that it was when the VKFF program first kicked off.



  3. Good Morning Paul
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you put into making these awards possible I don’t believe that without you they would be anywhere near as popular without the hundreds of hours you put into them in promotion activating and most of all logging.
    It is good to see the numbers of F calls (like myself) getting into them and it really can be a rewarding hobby with low power and limited freqs available but I for one am having a ball since starting out my chasing in Dec 2014 and then activating from Feb 2015.

    Thank You for your work and encouragement

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