Trip to VK3 along the Great Ocean Road

I returned home today after our 2 weeks away up in the Riverland, the South East of South Australia, along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, and finally the Pyrenees Range area in western Victoria.

Here is a summary of the activities……

  • 2 x South Australian Conservation Parks
  • 3 x Victorian Coastal Parks
  • 3 x Victorian Marine National Parks
  • 1 x Victorian State Park
  • 3 x Victorian National Parks
  • 10 x Victorian SOTA summits
  • Total of 899 contacts
  • 3,084 km travelled.

Here is a list of activations………

Sat 7th Nov.

  • Billiatt Conservation Park VKFF-0821 – 57 contacts

Sun 8th Nov

  • Peebinga Conservation Park VKFF-0830 – 32 contacts

Mon 9th Nov

  • Discovery Bay Coastal Park VKFF-0746 – 26 contacts
  • Discovery Bay Marine National Park VKFF-0949 – 49 contacts

Tues 10th Nov

  • Discovery Bay Coastal Park VKFF-0746 – 25 contacts
  • Cape Nelson State Park VKFF-0754 – 24 contacts

Wed 11th Nov

  • SOTA Mount Clay VK3/ VS-051 – 7 contacts

Thurs 12th Nov

  • Bay of Islands Coastal Park VKFF-0743 – 46 contacts

Fri 13th Nov

  • Twelve Apostles Marine National Park – 69 contacts

Sat 14th Nov

  • Port Campbell National Park – 53 contacts
  • SOTA Crowsnest Lookout VK3/ VS-049 – 34 contacts

Sun 15th Nov

  • Great Otway National Park VKFF-0405 near Cape Otway – 69 contacts
  • Great Otway National Park VKFF-0405 Aire River – 32 contacts

Mon 16th Nov

  • SOTA Mount Cowley VK3/ VC-022 and Great Otway National Park VKFF-0405 – 48 contacts

Tues 17th Nov

  • Point Addis Marine National Park VKFF-0952 – 59 contacts

Wed 18th Nov

  • SOTA Mount Leura VK3/ VS-050 – 29 contacts
  • SOTA Mount Elephant VK3/ VS-047 – 23 contacts
  • SOTA One Tree Hill VK3/ VS-036 – 82 contacts

Thurs 19th Nov

  • SOTA Blue Mountain VK3/ VS-015 – 15 contacts
  • SOTA Point 756/Pyrenees VK3/ VS-018 – 33 contacts
  • SOTA Mount Lonarch VK3/ VS-013 – 16 contacts
  • SOTA Ben Nevis VK3/ VS-009 – 25 contacts

Fri 20th Nov

  • Little Desert National Park VKFF-0291 – 46 contacts


I would like to thank everyone who called.  Band conditions fluctuated dramatically with very good conditions during some activations, to very poor during others.

Also many thanks to those that took the time to spot me, either on parksnpeaks, the DX cluster, Facebook.  It certainly helps fill up the log.

I will post some more info & photos for each of the activations in the coming weeks.


8 thoughts on “Trip to VK3 along the Great Ocean Road

  1. Great job mate ! Unfortunatly couldn’t work you from the VKFF …. band was opening always a bit later than usual …. between 8 and 9 UTC we had some openings lately … but no worries or complains ! VK9WA is in the log … I hope they will submit the log ?

    73 44 Danny ON4VT/OT4V

    • Hi Danny,

      Marija and I travelled to Victoria for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award Activation weekend which is held annually. It is the VK3 National Parks Award. It was held on Sat 14th and Sunday 15th.

      But the trip was also a tourist trip to see the Great Ocean Road. The radio activity was just a bonus for me. Most days by the time had opened up on 20m long path, we were back in our motel room or out for tea. I only had a few chances to try for Europe. One of those was the SOTA activation at One Tree Hill when we spoke. You were a great signal on the top of the hill.

      Not sure about the VK9WA log. I will follow up on that.

      Best wishes,


    • And band conditions were very average at times Chris. A real struggle during some of the activations, so the number of QSO’s would have normally been much higher. Not so bad really, because I have to data enter all those QSOs into my electronic log.



  2. Hi Paul, a great radio pilgrimage! I am really pleased about the Port Campbell National Park and will get around to finishing and submitting my log for the 45 as soon as possible. Thanks for your efforts.

    John D

    • Hi John,

      It was a real pleasure to have been able to give you Port Campbell National Park. Thankfully the conditions were OK that day. You will love the KRMNPA plaque.


      Best 73,


  3. G’day Paul what a great trip you have done and thanks for all the parks and peaks that you activated along the way I did miss a couple but with conditions it had to be expected.
    I have travelled the Great Ocean Road 4 times in recent years and planning to go back and do some parks myself soon (fingers crossed) again on behalf of all chasers thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Adrian,

      It was a great trip. We had just one poor day weather wise for the entire 2 weeks and that was in Portland when it drizzled with rain one morning. Other than that the weather was very good.

      It is certainly very spectacular down the Great Ocean Road, with plenty of things to see and do.

      Great to get you in the log from the majority of my activations.



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