WWFF Activator certificates

Last night I received the following global World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) Activator certificates.

The first is for placing number 40 in the Top 44 Activators in the world (based on the number of QSOs).

The second is for placing number 21 in the Top 44 Activators in the world.

Many thanks to Pit YO3JW for the certificates


8 thoughts on “WWFF Activator certificates

  1. Howdy Mick,

    There were a few VK’s that appeared in the Top 44 Activator list in the world. But the rankings on the certificates that Tony VK3VTH and I received, are different to what is showing up on Top 44 list on WWFF Log Search. Just waiting to hear back from Pit YO3JW to see what is happening.

    You show up at position number 44 with a total of 25 activations (22 of those qualified for WWFF with 44 or more QSOs).



    • Thanks Andrew,

      I hope to activate a few unique parks this year. Even possibly some island parks. I am heading over to Norfolk Island for the WIA AGM, and will be active over there.

      Best 73,


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