VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 350

I have now qualified for the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 350 certificate, for working 350 different VKFF references.

Thanks to all the activators for their efforts of getting out and about into the field.

VK5PAS VKFF Hunter VKFF Honour Roll 350

4 thoughts on “VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 350

    • Hi Geoff,

      That she is. I am very lucky to have somebody who supports me and encourages me in everything I do. We enjoy travelling and gettint out together.

      Marija is sitting for her Foundation licence in March, so you may well hear her from a park or a summit very soon.

      Thanks for leaving a message.


      Paul, VK5PAS

    • Thanks Chris. Can’t believe how WWFF has taken off here in Australia. It was very slow at the start, but now keeps me very busy uploading logs and sending out certificates. Doesn’t take long now, to rack up the references.



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