Murray River Parks Award

The Murray River Parks Award has now been officially released.  And my email has been running hot with applications via Logsearch.  I’ve sent out 12 already this morning.

The award is issued to Activators and Hunters, for operating from, or making contact with activators, in certain parks along the stretch of the mighty Murray River.  There are 32 qualifying parks.

I have made the levels very achievable to get involved.  Level 1 = 10 parks.  Level 2 = 20 parks.  Level 3 – all 32 parks.

Thankyou to Andrew M0YMA for incorporating the award into Logsearch.

More info can be found at…….

Screenshot 2016-03-31 14.22.01

5 thoughts on “Murray River Parks Award

  1. Absolutely Excellent award!
    Thanks Paul and Andrew. I love this river and when I tried to activate some parks away from the river I failed as I just wanted to keep driving along the river!!
    Opens the door for a desert parks?


    • Hi Ian,

      Will certainly consider this as a new award. Time management is a big issue for me though at this current time and a new award will certainly create some extra work, but I will add it to my to do list.



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