Puppies Point, Norfolk Island VKFF-0392

On Tuesday morning (24th May 2016) Marija and I had a cooked breakfast at the Paradise Hotel and then went on a bus tour around Norfolk Island.  The tour took in the historic Kingston area, Cascade Pier, and morning tea at Puppies Point.

At the end of the tour, Marija and I headed in to town and caught up with Heath VK3TWO and his wife Monique VK6FMON, and Peter VK3PF.  We enjoyed a nice lunch together at one of the many cafes in the main street.


Marija and I then decided as it was such a nice day, that we would head back out to Puppies Point for some amateur radio action.  On the way we stopped in to the Norfolk Island Botanical Gardens which is a beautiful collection of plants endemic to Norfolk Island.  There is also an intepretive centre here which features displays and information relating to Norfolk Islands flora and fauna.

We continued on to the Captain Cook lookout within the Norfolk Island National Park.  It was here that Captain Cook landed on the island way back in 1774.

The weather had turned less than ideal with quite a bit of shower activity, although it was still quite humid.  We then headed to Puppies Point, but not before coming across a banana plantation (see below photograph).  You can buy a banana on the island for only 10 cents.


We then came across these characters, as you do all over the island.  Believe it or not, cows have the right of way on Norfolk Island roads!


Another regular site on Norfolk Island as you travel around are the numerous feral chickens and roosters.


We then reached Puppies Point and fortunately the weather had cleared, so I was able to set up using a wooden bench and table.  Puppies Point is a beautiful location.  It has some fantastic views out along the coastline, with a lawned area containing benches and tables and a well cared for picnic area.

I ran the Yaesu FT-857d, 40 watts, and the 40m/20m linked dipole at 6 metres for this activation.  The 6 metre telescopic squid pole was strapped to the wooden bench with some octopus straps.  I powered the radio with the spare car battery, kindly supplied by the car hire company, Aloha Rent A Car.


Above:- Map showing the location of Puppies Point on the western side of Norfolk Island.

I headed to 7.090 and commenced calling CQ and this was answered by John VK2YW in Wagga Wagga, followed by Ian VK5IS from the Mid North of South Australia, Neil VK4HNS, and then George VK4GSF.  My signal report ranged from 5/1 in South Australia to 5/5 in Queensland.  The local time on the island was nearly 3.00 p.m. and band conditions on 40m back into the Australian mainland appeared to be quite good.  It wasn’t long before a mini pile up commenced, with callers from the eastern seaboard of the Australian mainland, and New Zealand.  Fred VK9DAC on Norfolk Island also called in….another Norfolk Island station to add towards the special Norfolk Island Award offered by the WIA.

I worked a total of 29 stations on 40m before heading off to 20m.  I called CQ on 14.310 and this was answered by Paul VK2HV, followed by Rick VK4RF/VK4HA,  John VK5BJE, and Ivan VK5HS.  I was very pleased to get Ivan in the log, as I had worked Ivan a few years ago whilst he was on holiday in Norfolk Island.

The 20m band was wide open to the Australian mainland, and also USA and Japan.  I worked 7 stations in the USA (Illinois, Oregon, California, Washington, New York, & Texas), one in Alaska, and one station in Japan.

Some of the memorable contacts to VK were with Dave VK2BDR who was running just 1 watt (5/6 sent and 5/7 received), and Greg VK5GJ running 4 watts (5/1 sent and 5/9 received).  I also had a Park to Park contact with Bob VK6POP who was portable in the John Forrest National Park VKFF-0250, all the way over in Western Australia (5/3 sent and 5/5 received).

I worked a total of 50 stations before things started to slow down a little, so I headed down the band and booked in to the ANZA DX Net.

It was around this time that some of the VK9NT crew arrived to say g’day: Alan VK2CA, Chris VK3QB and Lee VK3GK.


I then headed back to 40m to 7.144 and called CQ again.  This was answered by Jim VK1AT, followed by David VK5KC, Greg VK5GJ and then Steve VK3YW mobile.  I worked a further 28 stations in Australia (VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 & VK7), New Zealand, before deciding it was time to go QRT.  The sun was just starting to set and the sunset was truly quite spectacular.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK2YW
  2. VK5IS
  3. VK4HNS
  4. VK4GSF
  5. VK2EJW
  6. VK6MB/2
  7. VK2NJP
  8. VK3MCK
  9. VK3OB
  10. ZL2ATH
  11. VK2EKG
  12. VK4AAC/3
  13. VK4RF
  14. VK4HA
  15. VK5BJE
  16. ZL1KEN
  17. VK2HV
  18. VK2YK
  19. VK9DAC (Norfolk Island VKFF-0392)
  20. VK3GP mobile
  21. VK3SQ
  22. VK7EE
  23. VK4AS mobile
  24. VK3UH
  25. VK2JDW
  26. VK3ZMD
  27. VK5GJ
  28. VK2BDR
  29. VK2GKA
  30. Vk1AT
  31. VK5KC
  32. VK5GJ
  33. VK3YW mobile
  34. VK2IO
  35. VK2MOR mobile
  36. VK4FTRL
  37. VK4KUS
  38. VK4VDX
  39. ZL3CHE
  40. ZL3OY mobile
  41. VK3JLS
  42. VK4LA
  43. VK5BJE
  44. VK5TN
  45. VK2BYI
  46. VK7AN
  47. VK2PDW
  48. VK5ZGY
  49. VK3EY
  50. VK2EHQ
  51. VK4FTWO
  52. VK2AIF
  53. VK7AN
  54. VK5FMID
  55. VK2FM
  56. VK3AWG
  57. VK4PHD
  58. VK2ZVG
  59. VK3GA
  60. VK2NZ
  61. VK2SF

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK2HV
  2. VK4RF
  3. VK4HA
  4. VK5BJE
  5. VK5HS
  6. VK4AAC/3
  7. VK3JLS
  8. AC9EM
  9. VK3SQ
  10. VK3NXT
  11. VK3CAB
  12. VK4BT
  13. VK4GSF
  14. VK3PMG
  15. VK6POP
  16. VK3LSD
  17. VK3OB
  18. ZL4KD
  19. VK5BC
  20. VK3ZMD
  21. VK3PAT
  22. VK2NRA
  23. VK3MHY
  24. VK5GJ
  25. N7WWH
  26. ZL2GLG
  27. VK4COZ
  28. KD6BZN
  29. VK2KTT
  30. VK5HCF
  31. VK2YK
  32. VK5DJ
  33. VK5MTM mobile
  34. JA8RJE
  35. KL7IEH
  36. VK1AT
  37. VK3TKK mobile
  38. VK6MB/2
  39. VK5PET
  40. VK4MY
  41. N7TM
  42. VK5GI
  43. VK3UH
  44. N5XZ
  45. VK6POP/p (John Forrest National Park VKFF-0250)
  46. VK3JL
  47. VK2BDR
  48. N2PPL
  49. VK5GJ
  50. N9RJM
  51. VK3WM
  52. VK7XX
  53. VK4CC
  54. VK4TD
  55. VK3IDM
  56. VK4LJ
  57. VK4NBP
  58. K5KT
  59. VK4QS

Here is a short video put together by Theo VK5MTM mobile, of our QSO

After returning back into town, we had a quick meal at the Paradise Hotel followed by a Light and Sound Show at historic Kingston.

2 thoughts on “Puppies Point, Norfolk Island VKFF-0392

  1. Hi Chris,

    The Park to Park contact with Bob VK6POP was a highlight of this particular activation. A distance of around 4,600 km with 2 little portable set ups was great going.



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