VI9ANZAC Norfolk Island

My only radio activity for Wednesday 25th May 2016, was to operate as VI9ANZAC for a 2 hour period between 4.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. local time.  So leading up til then Marija and I had a full day of sightseeing.

We kicked off the day by a visit to the Pitcairn Settlers Village, which is situated right next door to the Paradise Hotel.  This is one of the last few remaining original settler’s properties on Norfolk Island.  The guided tour includes a walk through of the original Bailey homestead and gardens, the old barn, dairy & outbuildings, the old forge, and an ex New Zealand Army hut which is full of war time memorabillia.

At the end of the tour, Marija and I had lunch with Peter VK3PF and Luke VK3HJ at the Governors Lodge, which is directly opposite the Paradise Hotel.


After lunch Marija and I took a drive out to St Barnabas Church.  This mission church was built as a memorial to Bishop Patterson who was killed by natives in the Solomon Islands in 1871.  The foundation stone was laid in November 1875 but the building was not completed until June 1880.

We then drove out to Headstone Reserve on the western side of the island, and viewed the memorial for two soldiers who drowned in October 1850 whilst fishing at ‘Rope Rock’, now known as Headstone Point.

As is customary on Norfolk Island, we encountered many cows, chickens and roosters on the road whilst travelling around.

Marija and I then headed down to Kingston and visited the historic Kingston cemetery.  We spent quite some time here wandering amongst very historic headstones dating back to the second settlement on the island during the 1820’s.  There are however, headstones here dating from 1792.  These early headstones were most likely removed from their original locations and remounted in the cemetery.  The picturesque Norfolk Island golf course is located right next door. Unfortunately I ran out of time to play a few holes.

It was fast approaching 4.00 p.m. local time so we headed back to the Paradise Hotel.  I caught up with Raffi VK2RF who showed me his Alex loop antenna.


I then headed down to the foyer area of the Paradise Hotel and commenced my 2 hour stint as VI9ANZAC.  Robert VK3DN had set up his Icom tx, and an end fed antenna.  I worked a total of 83 stations in Australia, USA, and Japan.  This was mostly on 20m.  Unfortunately I could only run about 10 watts on 40m, as the signal was getting in to the hotel’s PA system.

Below is a short video of some of my contacts……

Below is an article from ‘The Norfolk Islander‘ re the influx of amateurs to Norfolk Island


Later that night, Marija and I went out for tea to the Jolly Roger Bar & Restaurant.  As you can imagine, it was a pirate theme.  We were joined for the evening by Heath VK3TWO, his wife Monique VK6FMON, and Peter VK3PF.  This was a really great night, with terrific food, great music, and lots of laughs.

Whilst at the Jolly Roger, we were privileged to meet Trent Christian (who got up on stage to sing).  Trent is a direct descendant of the famous Christian family, and is a former ham from both Norfolk Island and Pitcairn Island.


Below is some video I took at the Jolly Roger.

2 thoughts on “VI9ANZAC Norfolk Island

  1. Hi mate,

    It’s a real shame that we couldn’t use 40m and 15m for VI5ANZAC as the signal was getting in to the hotel’s PA. But I had a bit of fun on 20m in that 2 hour bracket. Heath VK3TWO used the call a few times from portable locations, including the top of Mount Bates.



    p.s. there are a few good looking roosters on the island. I was not one of them!

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