2016 VKFF Team Championships results

On Sunday 16th October 2016, the inaugural VKFF Team Championship took place.  The aim was to promote the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  Teams of between 2-4 amateurs were formed, and they activated between 0000 UTC – 0600 UTC from a WWFF reference area, with a view of logging the most number of park hunters.

The following teams took part…….

  1. ‘The Odd Couple’ comprising of husband & wife team Joe VK3YSP and Julie VK3FOWL – Churchill National Park VKFF-0621
  2. ‘Tassie Devils’ comprising Jonathan VK7JON and his partner Helen VK7FOLK – Narawntapu National Park VKFF-0005
  3. ‘Team Pezo’ comprising Peter VK5PET and Steve VK5ZEO – Mount Magnificent Conservation Park VKFF-0916
  4. ‘Team Kookaburra’ comprising Tony VK3XV and Mick VK3PMG – Ararat Hills Regional Park VKFF-0958
  5. ‘The Walkie Talkies’ comprising Paul VK5PAS and Marija VK5FMAZ – Monarto Conservation Park VKFF-0828
  6. ‘Special K’s’ comprising of Les VK5KLV and Peter VK5KPR – Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park VKFF-1757
  7. ‘The Irresistbles’ comprising of Gary VK1ZZ and John VK4VHY (operating as VK4ZI) – Undara Volcanic National Park VKFF-0506
  8. ‘The Mad Mix’ comprising of Mike VK6MB, Nick VK6FSEA and Jarrad VK6FFAR – Wellington National Park VKFF-0657

A breakdown of contacts for each team is as follows…..

  1. ‘Team Kookaburra’ – 150 contacts
  2. ‘The Walkie Talkies’ – 138 contacts
  3. ‘Tassie Devils’ – 63 contacts
  4. ‘The Odd Couple’  33 contacts
  5. ‘Special K’s’ – 29 contacts
  6. ‘The Mad Mix’ – 26 contacts
  7. ‘Team Pezo’ – 20 contacts
  8. ‘The Irresistbles’ – 7 contacts

Overall winners

The winner of this section was ‘Team Kookaburra’ , Tony VK3XV & Mick VK3PMG, with a total of 150 contacts.  They will each receive a glass etched trophy.

This section is sponsored by a VK3 who wishes to remain anonymous who donated $100.00.


Two ops/single tx/40m & 15m/wire antenna/100 watts or less

The winner of this section was Team ‘The Walkie Talkies’ Paul VK5PAS & Marija VK5FMAZ with a total of 138 contacts.  They will each receive a glass etched trophy.

This section is sponsored by a VK4 and a VK5 who wish to remain anonymous who both donated $50.00 each.



The winner of this section was the Team Special K’s’, Les VK5KLV and Peter VK5KPR.  They will receive a 25 pound store credit from SOTABeams.SOTABEAMS-logo-landscape.jpg


Park to Park

This was shared by Team Kookaburra and The Walkie Talkies, both of whom made a total of 24 Park to Park contacts.  They will share a $50.00 voucher from Pages of Cobram.  Many thanks to Peter VK3FPSR of Pages of Cobram.


VK3PMG P2P.jpg


Participation certificates

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the event.   All activators who took part in the event have been emailed an Activator participation certificate.