Participation certificate-2016 VKFF Activation Weekend

This is my participation certificate for taking part in the 2016 VKFF Activation Weekend held in late November.

The photo which appears on the certificate is in the Torndirrup National Park in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.


4 thoughts on “Participation certificate-2016 VKFF Activation Weekend

  1. Thanks for the Certificate Paul and looking forward to a big year in 2017 of Parks activation’s a Happy New Year to all the Activaters and Hunters looking forward to getting you in the log in 2017 Cheers

    • Hi Neil,

      You’re welcome. I hope to get to some very rare parks and summits during 2017, so watch this space. Thanks for being a bit supporter of the VKFF program. It has certainly taken off in popularity, far beyond my expectations.

      HNY 2017,

      Paul VK5PAS.

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