Results of 2017 CQ WPX Contest

This morning I checked the web re the results of the 2017 CQ WPX Contest which was held on 25th and 26th March 2017.  And to my surprise, there was a certificate waiting there for me.  It was a certificate for first place in Australia for the Single Op Low Power All Bands section.

The WPX Contest is based on an award offered by CQ Magazine for working all prefixes. Held on the last weekend of March (SSB) and May (CW), the contest draws thousands of entries from around the world.

I made a total of 454 QSOs over the weekend, with a score of 372,876 points.

I came first in Australia in this category, 6th in Oceania, and 845th in the World.  I was closely followed by Steve VK2NSS in 2nd place with 207,060 points.

The top scoring station in Australia, who was in the Multi-Two category was VK4KW with 10,344,536 points.  The top scorer in the world was CN3A in Morocco with a total of 8,158 QSOs and a score of 55,670,247 points.

Many thanks to CQ Magazine and the organisers of this contest.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 1.45.31 pm.png

New VKFF structure

The WWFF program has been running in Australia since March 2013, so about 4 & 1/2 years. In that time the program has exploded in popularity, with park activators now being heard almost every day of the week (even in the middle of the week).

I have now issued just a little short of 2,100 VKFF certificates to VK’s and other amateurs all around the world during that period.


VKFF logo with transparent background.png

Now has come the time that I need a little help to keep the VKFF program afloat, as I am spending a number of hours each day in front of the computer, maintaining the website, issuing awards, and uploading logs. Much to the chagrin of my very understanding wife Marija. This together with a number of other pies I have my fingers in.

I have now sourced some very good volunteers who are going to assist in the VKFF program, and I thank these individuals very very much. They are as follows:-

Ian VK1DI.

Gerard VK2IO.

Mick VK3GGG.

Mark VK4SMA.

Hans VK6XN.

Jonathan VK7JON.

Commencing Wednesday 18th October 2017 the above gentlemen will act as State/Territory representatives in the VKFF program. They will be responsible for uploading logs for activations from their respective State/Territory, and also processing/forwarding award applications/certificates for amateurs from their respective State/Territory.

So, for example, if you activate a park in VK1 (no matter what your call may be), the log will now be forwarded to Ian VK1DI. If you activate a park in VK2, then Gerard VK2IO is your contact, etc, etc.

If you apply for a VKFF award (excluding OCCFF & the special awards), you will receive the award via the respective State/Territory rep mentioned above.

Hans VK6XN will also be doing VK8.

I will continue to upload logs and process awards for VK5’s.

I will also continue in my role as the VKFF National co-ordinator, and thanks to the volunteers mentioned above, I will now be able to focus more on National VKFF issues.

More info on the new VKFF Team can be found on the WWFF Australia website at…..

I again, thank the gentlemen mentioned above for volunteering their time. It is greatly appreciated.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

73 and ’44’,

VKFF National co-ordinator.