Top VKFF Activator certificate

Each year the VKFF program issues certificates to the Top VKFF Hunter and the Top VKFF Activator.

This year the Top VKFF Hunter with a total of 548 different VKFF references during 2017 was Peter VK3PF.  An amazing effort.  Coming in at 2nd place was Gerard VK2IO with 547 different VKFF references, just 1 behind Peter.

The Top VKFF Activator turned out to be myself with 102 different VKFF references activated during 2017.  This was very closely followed by Gerard VK2JNG with 99 different VKFF references activated.  Gerard has certainly taken to park activating.

VK5PAS Top Activator 2017

More info on the Top Operators can be found on the wwff website at…..

And also the WWFF Australia website at……

Thankyou to everyone who took part in the VKFF program during 2017.

6 thoughts on “Top VKFF Activator certificate

  1. Hi Mike,

    Marija and I had a great time during 2018 activating parks around Australia. Not sure if we will be as active this year as we are planning a trip to Canada & Alaska. Should try to slip in a few activations over there.

    73 & HNY 2018,

    Paul VK5PAS

  2. Hi Chris,

    2018 won’t be anywhere near as active for me as last year. I’ve had a real slow start this year. My days off have often proven to be too hot to head out, or we’ve had social functions on.

    Cheers mate,

    Paul VK5PAS.

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