DX World Award from QRZ.com

Back in early October, I decided to apply for one of the many award certificates which are on offer from QRZ.com.

I applied for the DX World Award, which is awarded to any QRZ member whose Logbook on QRZ.com contains at least one confirmed contact from each of at least 100 distinct DXCC entities.

I received the certificate from the USA very promptly and it was backdated to September 2016 when I qualified for 10m/15m/20m Mixed DXCC.

The awards are issued for free.  When you achieve an award, your callsign page will show an “Awards” tab, as well as the award badges next to your profile picture at no charge whatsoever.

If however, you would like a lithographed and numbered certificate with QRZ’s signature holographic seal of authenticity, you may order them directly from your callsign page. These certificates are free for QRZ Life Members and QRZ Platinum Members (one certificate per year).  Of for QRZ subscribers such as myself, you pay $19.94 each.  Or for Non-subscribers, the lithographed and numbered certificates cost $24.94.

DX World Award QRZ.com

More information on the QRZ.com Operating Awards can be found at…….


4 thoughts on “DX World Award from QRZ.com

    • Thanks Peter,

      I’ve worked over 100 countries on 40m as well. I just need to pull my finger out and get those confirmed for DXCC. It’s not easy on 40m with just 100 watts and a wire.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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