Parks presentation to PARG in VK6.

On Tuesday evening (19th January 2020) I delivered a presentation via Zoom to members of the Peel Amateur Radio Group in Western Australia. The presentation was entitled ‘Having fun in the field’.

The presentation covered a brief rundown on the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program, why get involved in portable activity, equipment to be used whilst portable, spotting & alerting, and some tips for both activators and hunters.

There were a number of PARG members in attendance in person at their meeting venue, along with a number of people who joined via Zoom. This included Hans VK6XN who is the VK6 rep for VKFF.

Sue VK5AYL followed me with a presentation on her excellent parksnpeaks app.

This was followed by a presentation by Tony VK6DQ who spoke about learning and operating CW.

Thanks to Mark VK2KI/VK6QI and for Geoff VK6GHD for asking me to deliver the presentation.

I have now been asked to deliver the same presentation to the Western Australia VHF Group.

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