Trip to the Riverland, VK3 and VK2

Marija VK5MAZ and I are back from our 2 week holiday to VK3 and VK2. We stayed 2 nights in Renmark, 6 nights in Mildura, 3 nights in Robinvale, and then another night in Renmark on the way home.

Our trip was to coincide with the activation weekend for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA). Thanks to Tony VK3XV for another magnificent weekend.

Whilst away Marija and I spent probably 50/% sightseeing and 50% activating parks in both VIC & NSW.

We also went out for dinner in Renmark with Ivan VK5HS & his wife Cheryl, Peter VK5PE, and Danny VK5DW. Di, the XYL of Larry VK5LY (now SK) also attended. Larry was a very active park activator and hunter. A great night out.

Whilst at Mildura we went out for dinner with members of the Sunraysia Radio Group at the Mildura Working Mans Club & delivered them a presentation entitled ‘Having fun in the field’. Thanks Brian VK3BBB.

The following night we went over to the home QTH of Cam VK2DG and had a terrific night/dinner with Cam and his wife and Greg VK3MTV and his partner. Thanks Cam for the invitation.

On the way back we caught up with Ivan VK5HS again for beer and pizza at his place, and Ivan and his wife Cheryl kindly cooked us a cooked breakfast on our last day.

Whilst away we activated 22 parks and made a total of 2,171 QSOs. This included 154 Park to Park contacts.

Details of each activation as follows:-

  • Murray River National Park VKFF-0372 S.A. – 128 QSOs & 5 Park to Park.
  • Pike River Conservation Park VKFF-0831 S.A. – 75 QSOs & 2 Park to Park.
  • Cooltong Conservation Park VKFF-0823 S.A. – 114 QSOs & 6 Park to Park.
  • Meringur Flora Reserve VKFF-2383 VIC – 95 QSOs & 5 Park to Park.
  • Yarrara Flora Reserve VKFF-2498 VIC – 65 QSOs & 4 Park to Park.
  • Mallanbool Flora Reserve VKFF-2375 VIC – 61 QSOs & 4 Park to Park.
  • Karadoc Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2123 VIC – 69 QSOs & 2 Park to Park.
  • Murray Sunset National Park VKFF-0373 VIC – 233 QSOs & 40 Park to Park.
  • Hattah Kulyne National Park VKFF-0231 VIC – 217 QSOs & 53 Park to Park.
  • Yatpool Flora Reserve VKFF-2501 VIC – 101 QSOs & 5 Park to Park.
  • Merbein South Flora Reserve VKFF-2382 VIC – 67 QSOs & 6 Park to Park.
  • Kemendok National Park VKFF-1174 NSW – 116 QSOs & 3 Park to Park.
  • Tol Tol Flora & Fauna Reserve VKFF-2458 VIC – 69 QSOs & 2 Park to Park.
  • Passage Camp Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2173 VIC – 75 QSOs & 4 Park to Park.
  • Yanga National Park VKFF-2249 NSW – 87 QSOs & 2 Park to Park.
  • Mungo National Park VKFF-0370 NSW – 141 QSOs & 9 Park to Park.
  • Euston Regional Park VKFF-1782 NSW – 110 QSOs.
  • Lakes Powell & Carpul Wildlife Reserve VKFF-2365 VIC – 56 QSOs & 2 Park to Park.
  • Bannerton Flora Reserve VKFF-2261 VIC – 81 QSOs
  • Wemen Flora Reserve VKFF-2483 VIC – 58 QSOs
  • Moss Tank Flora & Fauna Reserve VKFF-2394 – 57 QSOs
  • Loch Luna Game Reserve VKFF-1723 – 96 QSOs & 5 QSOs

Many thanks to everyone who called us. We had a terrific trip. Some photos attached.

More info & photos on each of the days of our trip and each activation will slowly appear here on my WordPress site.

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