Radio Rebelde, CUBA – 5025 kHz

My next station logged for Tuesday night (12th October 2021) was Radio Rebelde in CUBA on 5025 kHz. The broadcast was in the Spanish language.

Radio Rebelde is a Cuban Spanish language station which broadcasts 24 hours a day with a varied program of national and international music hits of the moment, news reports and live sport events.

The station was established in 1958 by Che Guevara in the Sierra Maestra region of eastern Cuba. It was designed to broadcast the aims of the 26th of July Movement led by Fidel Castro. It also broadcast the latest combat news, music and spoken literature to the people of Cuba during the Cuban Revolution.

Above:- Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Image c/o Wikipedia

Radio Rebelde has 891 kilowatts of broadcasting power with 44 transmitters that cover 98 percent of the island.

I was receiving Radio Rebelde very well. The signal strength was good and there was slight interference from other stations. However there was quite a lot of static crashes with an approaching storm here. Overall reception was good.


Below is a short video showing my reception of Radio Rebelde.


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