Some more DX Park & SOTA activators

At the end of September I found that the 20m band was in quite good condition and as a result Marija and I logged a number of overseas WWFF & SOTA activators. Here is a breakdown of some of our contacts…..


Sebastian SP3W in POLAND was the first portable DX activator in the log. Sebastian was on 20m and was activating Użytek Ekologiczny Torfowisko Gudzisz SPFF-0527. I sent a 5/3 signal report to Sebastian and a 5/5 was received here in South Australia.

Above:- SPFF-0527. c/o Facebook

Next was DA0DFF who was on 20m and were activating Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer DLFF-0013 and IOTA EU-042.

Above:- DA0DFF QSL card. c/o

I then spoke with Adrian M0PAI in ENGLAND who was activating Eastern Moors RSPB GFF-0382. Adrian’s signal was low down to me, as I was to Adrian (3/1 sent and 3/3 received), however we were able to exchange signal reports and callsigns without too much fuss.

Above:- Eastern Moors. c/o Eastern Moors Facebook page

I then spoke with Dave G1OCN/p who was activating West Bay Special Areas of Conservation GFF-0416 in ENGLAND. Again, signals were low down, but we were able to work each other (3/1 sent and 4/4 received).

Above:- Map showing the location of West Bay SAC. Map c/o Google maps


On Saturday afternoon we worked Ivo IZ0MQN/p in Natura 2000 – Boschi Sereni – Torricella (San Biagio della Valle) IFF-1605 in ITALY. Conditions were quite good on the long path into Europe, with 5/3 sent and 5/8 received.

Next up was Rodolfo I4RHP who was activating Oasi Isola Bianca IFF-0819 in ITALY. Rodolfo was quite a good signal (5/5 sent and 5/8 received).

Above:- Oasi Isola Bianca. c/o

I then logged IQ5QO in Natura 2000 – Torre dell’Orso IFF-1739 in ITALY. Known for its beach of fine silver-coloured sand, however, occupied by several bathing establishments, Torre dell’Orso boasts a particularly clear sea due to the currents of the Otranto canal. 

Above:- Torre dell’Orso. Image c/o wikipedia


On Sunday on the long path I worked Antonio EC2AG who was on SOTA summit Lemoatxa EA2/ BI-063 in SPAIN. I have worked Antonio on SOTA summits previously. On this occasion we made contact quite easily with 5/3 sent and 5/5 received.

Next in the log was Jim 5B4ALS who was activating SOTA summit 5B/ CY-046 in CYPRUS. Jim was a good signal on the long path (5/3 sent and 5/5 received).

Above:- An aerial view of 5B/ CY-046 in Cyprus. Image c/o Google maps

I then spoke with Joe OE5JFE who was activating SOTA summit Spirzinger OE/ SB-156 in AUSTRIA. 5/3 sent and 5/5 received.

Above:- Sprizinger. Image c/o

Next was Bob M0MJA who was activating the Severn Estuary SPA/SAC/RAMSAR – Bridgewater Bay NNR (inc Steart Marshes WWT) GFF-0181 in ENGLAND. 5/3 both ways.

Above:- the set up of M0MJA. Image c/o Facebook

I then spoke with Sam F4GYG/P who was activating Le Fond de Croisette FFF-2007 in FRANCE. Sam is another regular activator who appears in my log.

I then logged IQ5QO who was activating Riserva Naturale San Cataldo IFF-0145 in ITALY. 5/5 sent and 5/7 received.

Above:- Riserva Naturale San Cataldo. Image c/ Wikipedia

Next was John CT2GSN who was activating SOTA summit Serra de Airo CT/ MN-045 in PORTUGAL. 5/5 sent and 5/7 received.

I then tuned down the band a little and found Andy G7SQW/p who was activating Strumpshaw Fen RSPB GFF-0166 in ENGLAND. 5/3 sent and 5/7 received.

Above:- Strumshaw Fen. Image c/o Wikipedia

Next up was an interesting contact with Sid GB0EOR who was doing an activation for the Railways on the Air event. GB0EOR was operated by members of the Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society from North Weald Station.

I then spoke with Salvatore IT9AAK/0 who was activating a lighthouse for the Worked All Italian Lighthouse Award. The Lighthouse of Genoa (LA-007), known in Italian as Lanterna di Genova, or simply Lanterna, is the main lighthouse for the city’s port. 

Panorama of the port of Genoa with the Lanterna. Image c/o Wikipedia.

Finally I logged DA0DFF in Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer DLFF-0013 and IOTA EU-042 in GERMANY.

It has been a very enjoyable weekend of chasing/hunting European/UK park/SOTA activators. Thanks to all of them for being out there and listening out for Australia.