Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) – 5020 kHz

After CRI (on 9th October 2021) I then tuned into the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) on 5020 kHz on the 60m short wave band.

I tuned in at 1014 UTC. The program was in the Pijin language and contained a variety of traditional music.

SIBC is the official radio broadcaster of the Solomon Islands.

Above:- Map showing the location of the Solomon Islands. Map c/o Google maps

Shortwave radio broadcasting in the British Solomon Islands commenced in 1952. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation was founded in 1976, replacing the Solomon Islands Broadcasting System (SIBS).

SIBC’s broadcasts reach more than 5,000 villages throughout the Solomon Islands. SIBC’s transmitter is10 kW in power and is located in Honiara Guadalcanal.

This year SIBC celebrated its 69th anniversary.

Above;- SIBC anniversary. Image c/o SIBC Facebook page

I was receiving SIBC quite well. The signal strength was fair and there was only slight interference from adjacent stations.


Below is a short video clip of my reception of SIBC as heard on my Tecsun S-2000 and Tecsun random wire just a few feet off the ground.


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China Radio International – 11760 kHz

On Saturday evening (9th October 2021) I did a little bit more short wave broadcast listening. The first station in my log on Saturday was China Radio International (CRI) on 11760 kHz on the 25m band on short wave.

I tuned in at 1204 UTC to their English language broadcast.

China Radio International (CRI) is the state-owned international radio broadcaster of China. It was founded on the 3rd day of December 1941 as Radio Peking, and in 1983 changed its name to Radio Beijing. On the 1st day of January 1993 the station changed its name to China Radio International.

Above:- CRI headquarters in Shijingshan, Beijing. Image c/o Wikipedia

Programs listened to were ‘Selfie’ which had the story of the chrysanthemum in China, and ‘Take Away Chinese’ a Chinese language learning program.

The reception of CRI was excellent. The signal strength was very strong and there was no interference from adjacent stations. There was only very slight fading of the signal.


Below is a short video of my reception of China Radio International as heard on my Tecsun S-2000 and Tecsun random wire just a few feet off the ground.


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Reception of 4KZ in Innisfail, Queensland

Last Friday night (8th October 2021) I decided to do some broadcast short wave listening. I used the Tecsun S-2000 and a Tecsun long wire which was only a few few off the ground.

The first station I logged was 4KZ in Innisfail in Far North Queensland on 5055 kHz on the 60m band short wave.

Above:- Map showing the location of Innisfail in Far North Queensland. map c/o Google maps

Radio 4KZ is a shortwave relay of an Innisfail, Queensland, medium-wave station with the same call sign, and is part of the NQ Radio network. Located in Innisfail since 1967, Radio 4KZ covers the lush tropical coast of Far North Queensland from Townsville in the south to Cairns city in the north. It plays a variety of music. 

According to their Facebook page, 4KZ has been heard by overseas listeners, as far away as Austria, Sweden, USA, and Japan. Their Facebook page can be found at…..

More info on 4KZ can be found on their website at…..

Below is a short video of how 4KZ was coming through at my location.


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