Voice of Vietnam – 9840 kHz

I then tuned into the Voice of Vietnam on 9840 kHz on the 31m shortwave band.

Above:- Globe showing the location of Vietnam. Image c/o Wikipedia

The Voice of Vietnam is the Vietnamese national radio broadcaster. It is directly controlled by the Vietnamese Government and is tasked with “propagating the views, policies of the Party and the laws of the state.

Prior to 1945, the Vietnamese were banned from owning radio receivers, and broadcasting was under control of the French colonial government. They established the first radio station in Vietnam, Radio Saigon, in the late 1920s.

Following Reunification, all of the radio stations were combined into the Voice of Vietnam, which became the national radio station in 1978.

Reception of the Voice of Vietnam was severely impacted by a Chinese language station on 9830 khz.


Below is a short video of my reception of the Voice of Vietnam.


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