National Unity Radio – 9475 kHz

I then tuned into National Unity Radio on 9475 kHz on the 31m shortwave band. They were broadcasting in the Korean language.

National Unity Radio is produced by Unification Media Group, which is based in Seoul in South Korea. The station purports to be a non-governmental organization (NGO), however, it is believed this group is in fact in funded by U.S. Congress.

The Unification Media Group website states:-

Unification Media Group (UMG) is a news and entertainment production organization focused on North Korea.
Through video, radio, and online news, UMG brings the latest developments from North Korea to South Korean
and international audiences in addition to North Koreans themselves.
UMG is helping to increase global awareness of North Korean issues and is arming the people of North Korea with the freedom of information.”

There are also a number of NGOs broadcasting to North Korea. Among them is National Unity Radio who uses shortwave transmitters in Tajikistan.

Above:- Map showing South & North Korea. Map c/o Google maps

I was receiving National Unity Radio relatively well. Their signal strength was fair, but there was moderate interference from NHK in Japan on 9470 kHz who were broadcasting in the Japanese language and CNR in Chinese on 9480 kHz.  There also appeared to be a jamming signal on the frequency, possibly from North Korea.  


Below is a short video of my reception of National Unity Radio.


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