Adelaide’s Early Radios and Tape Recorders

A few weeks ago I ordered a new book on the internet, entitled ‘Adelaide’s Early Radios and Tape Recorders‘ written by Neville Ellison. What a brilliant read. It details the history of radio manufacturers in South Australia.

4 thoughts on “Adelaide’s Early Radios and Tape Recorders

    • Hi Chris,

      During the mid-1920s there were 44-45 manufacturers in the Adelaide metropolitan area. I have a bit of a collection of old radios here, one of which is a Scharnberg Strauss manufactured by Ernsmiths of North Adelaide.

      Merry Christmas mate.

      Paul VK5PAS.

  1. Hi Paul,

    Glad you found the book a good read. Mum’s the word but keep your eye on the Marion Council libraries (Halley Cove, Marion and Park Holme) for pop-up exhibitions and “talks” during the SA History Festival for the whole month of May 22.


    Keith Ellison (HRSA-SA / Ellison Museum of Radio & Magnetic Recording)

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