Radio Mazaris Samay – 11705 kHz

At about 1514 UTC on 2nd March 2022, I tuned in to Radio Mazaris Samay, broadcasting in the Tigrinya language on 11705 kHz.

The World Radio TV Handbook 202 records this station as Radio MaEzer Semay. It states that the station has been on air since October 2021 and is produced by the Corporation MaEzer Semay Eritrean Churches Broadcasting Network.

The shortwave info website and the shortwave schedule website records the station as Radio Mazaris Samay.

MaEzer Semay Tv and Radio Network: is a television broadcasting network in spreading biblical messages and Christian values to Eritrean people and their surrounding nations.

The broadcast was coming from the Talata-Volonondry 250 kW transmitter in Madagascar.

Above:- World globe showing the location of Madagascar. Image c/o Wikipedia

The overall reception of Radio Mazaris Samay was poor. There was a lot of interference from Radio Farda on 11695 kHz who was very strong.


Below is a short video showing my reception of Radio Mazaris Samay.


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