Short Wave Australia – 4835 kHz

At about UTC on 9th July 2022, I tuned in to Short Wave Australia, broadcasting in the English language on 4835 kHz.

The overall reception of Short Wave Australia was good.

The program consisted of classical music and 1920 music.


Below is a short video showing my reception of Short Wave Australia.

I also tried listening on their secondary frequency of 2310 kHz. Below is a video of reception on that frequency.


  1. Australian DX News, Edition No. 659, July 2022.

3 thoughts on “Short Wave Australia – 4835 kHz

  1. 8435 kHz. Signal good with consistent fading. Ringwood Victoria using indoor ~6m and counterpoise antenna with DIY RF isolating 9:1 Z transformer into RG58 coax – antenna coupler and Icom IC-R75.

  2. I could hear 4835 just now, it’s a bit cold in the shack so I didn’t stay any longer. I was nearly going to buy a sony icf-sw7600g the other day, and talked myself out of it. I may have just talked myself back into it.

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