VK90ABC – September 2022

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September 2022, I operated with the special event call of VK90ABC to celebrate the 90 year anniversary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

I made a total of 502 QSOs on 10, 15, 20, 40, & 80m SSB. This included 53 different DXCC entities.

The vast majority of my contacts were on the 20m band with 359 QSOs. This was followed by 61 QSOs on 40m, 38 QSOs on 15m, 37 QSOs on 10m, and just 7 QSOs on the 80m band. I tried 80m briefly on both nights, but the band was so noisy with static crashes. As a result there were few callers.

The maps below show my contacts around the world. The different pins show the bands.

  • Green – 10m
  • Blue – 15m
  • Orange – 20m
  • Red – 40m
  • Blue – 80m

I worked the following DXCC entities:-

  1. Andorra
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Canada
  7. China
  8. Corsica
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Croatia
  11. Cyprus
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Denmark
  14. East Malaysia
  15. England
  16. European Russia
  17. Federal Republic of Germany
  18. Finland
  19. France
  20. Hawaii
  21. Hungary
  22. Indonesia
  23. Ireland
  24. Isle of Man
  25. Italy
  26. Japan
  27. Latvia
  28. Malta
  29. Mexico
  30. Mozambique
  31. Netherlands
  32. New Zealand
  33. Northern Ireland
  34. Norway
  35. Philippines
  36. Poland
  37. Portugal
  38. Puerto Rico
  39. Republic of Korea
  40. Romania
  41. Scotland
  42. Slovak Republic
  43. Slovenia
  44. South Africa
  45. Southg Cook Islands
  46. Spain
  47. Sri Lanka
  48. Sweden
  49. Switzerland
  50. Trinidad & Tobago
  51. Ukraine
  52. United States of America
  53. Wales

Conditions into Europe and the United Kingdom on the long path on the 20m band were the best I had heard in a number of years.

The map below shows my European/UK QSOs.

I also worked 37 of the 50 US States. These contacts were made on the 10m, 20m, and 40m bands. Short path propagation on 20m into the USA during the evening was very good.

There was a very nice opening to Japan on 15m on Thursday afternoon.

The highlight for me was working a number of South African stations on 40m.

Thank you to everyone who called. It was another fun 2 days. Thanks also go to the organisers of VK90ABC who allowed me to use the call ocne again.

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