Talk to Adelaide Bushwalkers

Last night I gave a talk on amateur radio to Adelaide Bushwalkers, with particular emphasis on Summits on the Air, the VK5 Parks Award, WWFF, & the KRMNPA.  David VK5KC and John VK5BJE came along with me and helped answer questions at the end of the powerpoint presentation.  The talk went for about 40 minutes with about 20 minutes of questions at the end.



Membership of Adelaide Bushwalkers offers great opportunities for walking and other outdoor activities.  The club holds regular weekend overnight hikes and day-walks, and makes good use of long weekends to do a variety of trips further afield. (This includes multi-walk, chartered bus-trips to the Flinders in June, and the Grampians in October.)  Members also lead a number of extended walks e.g. to Tasmania, or the northern Flinders Ranges. In the summer months, kayaking and cycling are also popular pursuits.  The club has an active social calendar which throughout the year includes dinners, BBQs, presentations, guest speakers and various unofficial events as well.

There were about 50 people in attendance (young & old) who all showed a keen interest in the topics.  Quite a few people took a copy of the brochure “Calling CQ” which is issued/printed by the WIA.

David, John, and I were very impressed with the meeting, and this group is certainly well worth joining.

Their website is located at…..

Thanks to Gabrielle McMahon who allowed me the opportunity speak at their meeting.

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