Progress of the VK5 Parks Award

In a few days time, the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award will be in its 4th month of operation.  In a short space of time it appears to have attracted considerable attention by VK5 operators and interstate operators alike.


Unfortunately we don’t have a database like SOTA, so some of the facts and figures below might be a little bit inaccurate.  They are based on postings on the Yahoo Group and other sources on the internet.

Total number of members on Yahoo group…..

  • 36 (from VK1, VK2, VK3, & VK5).

Total number of parks activated….

  • 71

Total number of known activators…..

  • 20

Known activators…..

  1. Larry VK5LY
  2. John, VK5BJE
  3. David, VK5KC
  4. Col, VK5HCF
  5. Brian, VK5FMID
  6. Andy, VK5LA
  7. Paul, VK5PAS
  8. Will, VK5AHV
  9. Andy, VK5AKH
  10. Dave, VK5DGR
  11. Mandy, VK5FMOO
  12. Joel, VK5FJMS
  13. Mark, VK5QI
  14. Kim, VK5FJ
  15. Rod, VK5FTTC
  16. Ia, VK5CZ
  17. Ian, VK1DI/5
  18. Steve, VK5AIM
  19. John, VK5FMJC
  20. Tom, VK5EE

image4     Redbank+CP     IMG_0078

Total number of certificates issued…..

  • 24

Bronze Activator certificates…..

  1. John, VK5BJE
  2. Larry, VK5LY
  3. Paul, VK5PAS

Silver Activator certificates issued…..

  1. John, VK5BJE
  2. Paul, VK5PAS

Gold Activator certificates issued…..

  1. Paul, VK5PAS

Bronze Hunter certificates issued…..

  1. Nick, VK3ANL
  2. Col, VK5HCF
  3. Brian, VK5FMID
  4. Paul, VK5PAS
  5. Larry, VK5LY
  6. John, VK5BJE

Silver Hunter certificates issued…..

  1. Brian, VK5FMID
  2. Col, VK5HCF
  3. Larry, VK5LY
  4. Nick, VK3ANL
  5. John, VK5BJE
  6. Paul, VK5PAS

Gold Hunter certificates issued…..

  1. Brian, VK5FMID
  2. Paul, VK5PAS
  3. John, VK5BJE

Bronze Park to Park certificates issued…..

  1. Larry, VK5LY
  2. Paul, VK5PAS
  3. John, VK5BJE

DSCN2471     IMG_0344

Thanks to everyone who has supported the award program, Activators and Hunters alike.

And here’s hoping that the program gets bigger & bigger, with many more activators coming on board.

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