The Summitsbase S2S Award

This morning I checked my e-mails and to my pleasure I found an e-mail from Mike G4BLH from ‘The Summitsbase’.  The e-mail contained my Class 2 Summit to Summit Award for 50 Summit to Summit contacts.

The Summitsbase website is primarily tailored for amateur radio operators who participate in programs such as Summits on the Air (SOTA),  the Summitsbase HuMPs Awards (HEMA) or S2S Awards, Wainwrights on the Air (WOTA).  More information can be found on the Summitsbase website……


Other than having some really interesting information which is well worth reading, Summitsbase also runs a number of awards.  Some of these such as the HuMPS Awards are not applicable to Australian hams, but the Summit to Summit (S2S) Awards Scheme is.  The S2S award is currently valid for contacts between two SOTA summits and is available at a number of different levels (I have highlighted the levels I have reached)…..

Class 3 Award: 25 unique Summit–Summit contacts
Class 2 Award: 50 unique Summit-Summit contacts
Class 1 Award: 100 unique Summit-Summit contacts
Intermediate Award: 250 unique Summit-Summit contacts
Advanced Award: 500 unique Summit-Summit contacts
Master Award: 750 unique Summit-Summit contacts
Supreme Award: 1000 unique Summit-Summit contacts

So why not add a bit more wallpaper to your shack and apply for some of The Summitsbase certificates.  They are really impressive.


VK5PAS SS-25-070