Gold SOTA Mountain Hunter

I have just recently received my Gold SOTA Mountain Hunter certificate.  Thanks to Greg VK8GM for getting me over the line.

Mountain Hunter Award (all bands) Status = Gold

Association(s) Chased All Bands Count
DM – Germany (Low Mountains) 5
EA2 – Spain (North) 2
G – England 6
HA – Hungary 3
OE – Austria 9
OM – Slovakia 2
S5 – Slovenia 3
SP – Poland 3
SV – Greece 2
VK1 – Australia – Capital Territory 28
VK2 – Australia – NSW 76
VK3 – Australia – Victoria 166
VK4 – Australia – Queensland 2
VK5 – Australia – South Australia 22
VK8 – Australia – Northern Territory 2

Mountain Hunter Award (all bands): associations not yet qualifying

Association(s) Chased All Bands Count
DL – Germany (Alpine) 1
EA1 – Spain (North West) 1
EA3 – Spain (Catalunya) 1
GM – Scotland 1
GW – Wales 1
OK – Czechia 1
VK9 – Australia – Islands 1
W6 – USA 1
YO – Romania 1

Gold Mountain Hunter SOT174

2 thoughts on “Gold SOTA Mountain Hunter

  1. Paul, congratulations on the Mountain Hunter Gold level Award, a very nice addition in recognising your efforts in the SOTA program.
    A very striking and attractive award certificate. Well done.
    Andrew VK1NAM

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the message. With a lot of the European SOTA activators now looking for VK, it is a lot easier to rack up the points with the Mountain Hunter award. I am trying to firm up some issues with reciprocal licencing (re the Standard lic) for my trip to Europe in July. It would be great to activate some summits over there. I was lucky enough to get through to Ed VK2JI the other day over in Germany.

    Best 73,


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