Allen VK3HRA, the developer of the parksnpeaks site has now deployed codes to allow SMS of activation spots.

You need to send your spots to 0447 568 667.

You simply key in the spot as a text message using the format below, and then send as an SMS message.  The format is:

Callsign, Class, location, frequency, mode, and any comments.


VK5PAS/p SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB enjoying the sunshine.

The class area = SANPCPA, WWFF, or KRMNPA.

Each VK5 National park and Conservation Park has a unique identification code, e.g. Aberdare Conservation Park is 5CP-001.  The VKFF reference numbers apply to the National Parks in the WWFF scheme.  And each of the National Parks for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA) have also been issued with unique id code, e.g. Alfred National Park is 3NP-001.

The location id can be entered with, or without the hyphen.

A list of the unique identification codes can be located at…..

Prior to using this new feature, you will need to add the mobile phone number that you intend to use and send the SMS message from.  This prevents abuse of the system.  All you need to do is simply add your number via the ‘Edit user data’ area on the parksnpeaks site.  You will need to add your number as +61 followed by your mobile (excluding the leading 0).

Thanks to Allen for all his work on the parksnpeaks site.

Please note, that at this stage, the use of the unique codes for VK5 Parks and KRMNPA parks only applies to this SMS spotting facility.  They have not yet been adopted for award purposes.