Results from the KRMNPA and SOTA weekend.

What a great 4 days I’ve just had.  My wife Marija and my Boss at work gave me some ‘leave passes’ and it was off to Victoria for me, for the 2014 Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA) activation weekend, and the 2014 Summits on the Air (SOTA) Spring Activation weekend.

So I packed the car with my gear and headed off early on Friday morning, and returned Monday evening, covering over 1,500 km during my travels.  On Friday I activated 4 SA Conservation Parks on the way to Victoria, and then on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I activated 6 Victorian National Parks, and 4 SOTA peaks.  I based myself at Portland.  I stayed at the Whalers Rest, which I can highly recommend.

Screenshot 2014-11-19 19.15.58

I managed a total of 473 contacts whilst in a park or on a summit, and a further 13 QSOs whilst I was mobile.  Most of those contacts were VK’s but I did manage about 30 DX contacts into Europe, UK, Pacific.  I had just 8 summit to summit contacts, missing quite a few opportunities whilst either climbing or in transit.  

Band conditions were excellent on Friday & Saturday, bu t then took a dive on Sunday & Monday, with lots of QSB.  And absoultely no local (VK3) propagation on Sunday morning when I was on the top of Mount Rouse.  But I did manage a contact into the Azores on 20m.  Go figure!

Many thanks to Peter VK3PF, who I managed to work for my 3 remaining Victorian National Parks: Errinundra, Lind, & Snowy River.  I’ve now managed to work all 45 Victorian National Parks and qualify for the Worked all 45 Victorian Parks  KRMNPA certificate and the KRMNPA Merit plaque.

I worked the following activators in Victorian National Parks (a few a couple of times, when I had moved parks, or on different days, etc)…..

  • John VK2AWJ/3, Barmah National Park
  • Peter VK3TKK/p, Organ Pipes National Park
  • John VK2AWJ/3, Lower Goulburn National Park
  • Tim VK3MTB/p, Tarra Bulga National Park
  • Terry VK3UP/p, Brisbane Ranges National Park
  • Johnno VK3FMPB/p, Grampians National Park
  • John VK2AWJ/3, Warby Ovens National Park
  • Mike VK3XL/p, Churchill National Park
  • Nick VK3ANL/p, Mornington Peninsula National Park
  • Hiro VK3EHG/p , Yarra Ranges National Park
  • Tim VK3MTB/p, Baw Baw National Park
  • Nick VK3ANL/p, Point Nepean National Park
  • Peter VK3ZPF/p, Yarra Ranges National Park
  • Peter VK3PF/p, Alfred National Park
  • Peter VK3PF/p, Coopracamba National Park
  • Julie VK3FOWL/p, Wilsons Promontory National Park
  • John VK2AWJ/3, Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park
  • Joe VK3YSP/p, Wilsons Promontory National Park
  • Peter VK3PF/p, Lind National Park
  • Peter VK3ZPF/p, Churchill National Park
  • Amanda VK3FQSO/p, Terrick Terrick National Park
  • Allen VK3HRA/p, Morwell National Park
  • John VK2AWJ/3, Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park

Thankyou to all of the activators.  I really appreciate your efforts, as I know the weather conditions were less than ideal, and band conditions were very challenging at times.

And I worked the following SOTA activators (a few a couple of times with the UTC rollover and when I had moved parks, etc)…..

  • Rob VK2QR/3, Mount Hotham VK3/ VE-006 
  • Andrew VK1NAM/p, VK2/ SM-036 and Kosciuszko National Park
  • Rob VK3EK/p, Mount Cann VK3/ VG-133
  • Peter VK3FALA/p, Mount Elizabeth VK3/ VG-074
  • Nick VK3ANL/p, Arthurs Seat VK3/ VC-031 
  • Ian VK3TCX/p, Mount Elizabeth VK3/ VG-074
  • Fred VK3DAC/p, Mount Toolebewong VK3/ VC-033
  • Ron VK3AFW/p, Arthurs Seat VK3/ VC-031
  • Andrew VK1NAM/2, Blackfellows Hill VK2/ SM-033
  • Phil VK3BHR/p, Mount Alexander VK3/ VN-016
  • Rob VK2QR/p, Mount Lock VK3/ VE-005 & Alpine National Park
  • Amanda VK3FQSO/p, West of England Fire Tower VK3/ VW-016 & Kara Kara National Park
  • Bernard VK2IB, VK2/
  • Peter VK3PF/p, Mount Ellery VK3/ VG-153 & Errinundra National Park
  • VK3FCAT, Mount Vinegar VK3/ VC-005
  • Rob VK3EK/p, Mount Cann VK3/ VG-133
  • Tony VK3CAT/p, Mount Strickland VK3/ VN-030
  • John VK2YW/p, Granite Mountain VK2/ SW-015
  • Rob VK2QR/p, The Twins VK3/ VE-017  
  • Andrew VK1NAM/2, VK2/ SM-053
  • Peter VK3PF/p, Mokeytop VK3/ VG-041 & Snowy River National Park
  • Allen VK3HRA/p, Mount Seldom Seen VK3/ VG-029 & Alpine National Park
  • Nigel VK5NIG/p, Mount Gawler VK5/ SE-013
  • Tony VK3CAT/p, Sugarloaf Peak VK3/ VN-011
  • Nick VK3ANL/p, Mt Dandenong VK3/ VC-025 & Dandenong Ranges National Park
  • Reuben VK7FREU/p, Mount WellingtonVK7/ SC-001
  • Rob VK2QR/3, Sam Hill VK3/ VG-049
  • Glen VK3YY/p, Mount Terrbile VK3/ VE-134
  • Kev VK3KAB/p, Mount Terrible VK3/ VE-134
  • Rob VK2QR/p, VK3/ VG-016
  • Rob VK2QR/p, VK3/ VE-023
  • Rick VK3EQ/p, Mccarthy Spur VK3/ VT-039
  • Rob VK2QR/3, Mount Murray VK3/ VE-025
  • Rick VK3EQ/p, Mount Beenak VK3/ VC-016

Thanks to all of the SOTA activators, who also braved the weather.

And I also worked Col VK5HCF in the Canunda National Park in the South East of South Australia.

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Here’s a quick breakdown on my activations…..

  • Poonthie Ruwe Conservation Park
    • 26 QSOs
  • Kelvin Powrie Conservation Park
    • 27 QSOs
  • Mount Monster Conservation Park
    • 24 QSOs
  • Desert Camp Conservation Park
    • 20 QSOs
  • Lower Glenelg National Park
    • 50 QSOs
  • Cobbobonee National Park
    • 53 QSOs
  • Mount Clay summit, VK3/ VS-051
    • 34 QSOs
  • Mount Napier summit, VK3/ VS-046
    • 29 QSOs
  • Mount Eccles National Park
    • 49 QSOs
  • Mount Richmond National Park
    • 64 QSOs
  • Mount Rouse summit, VK3/ VS-048
    • 7 QSOs
  • Mount Dundas summit, VK3/ VS-045
    • 26 QSOs
  • Grampians National Park
    • 32 QSOs
  • Little Desert National Park
    • 32 QSOs

It was really pleasing to get my 44 + contacts from 5 of the 6 National Parks that I activated for the World Wide Flora Fauna program (WWFF).  I fell a few short from Little Desert NP.  I’ll have to revisit that park.

I will post some more details here in the next few weeks re each of the activations.

Many thanks to Tony VK3VTH and Andrew VK1NAM for their great efforts in the KRMNPA & SOTA activation weekend.  It was a terrific weekend, and I will certainly be back over the border again next year.

And finally thanks to everyone that called.  Without the Hunters and Chasers, these programs do not exist.