Exciting news about parksnpeaks

There is some very exciting news about the parksnpeaks site.  It now features an audible tone when someone is ‘spotted’ on the site, either as a SOTA activator, a parks activator, QRP, etc.  The current sound is that of a goat bleating (as per SOTAWatch).  However, Allen is working on a unique sound for non SOTA spots.

I am sure that everyone is aware of parksnpeaks.  It is the creation of Allen VK3HRA and is a spotting and alert facility for VK SOTA, Parks, QRP Activators and Chasers/Hunters.

There is an excellent ‘Help’ page on Allen’s site which describes the background and history of parksnpeaks, and also describes the various portable activities.  It can be found at…..


So now, if you’re in the shack, and you are logged in to parksnpeaks, and an activator is spotted, you will hear the audible alert.  A fantastic addition of an already excellent site.  This will greatly help park activators and hunters.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 10.41.10

Andrew VK3ARR also has an ‘Android’ app.  Andrew is working on another sound for the parks ‘spots’.  At this stage the sound of a Kookaburra singing, appears to be the favourite.  More information can be found at Andrew’s WordPress site at…..


I have mentioned this many times on the VK5 Parks Yahoo group, the WWFF Yahoo group, here on my WordPress site, and in the Out & About newsletter, but PLEASE…….


There continues to be a trend amongst many park hunters in particular, to work the park activator and then move on.  Why?  I don’t know why?

By spotting the activator, you are not only helping the activator, but also helping your fellow chasers/hunters.

Many of the National Park activators are trying to reach the 44 QSO threshold for the WWFF global awards.  So any contact is precious.  And by you spotting the activator, you may just drum up that 44th QSO for them.

But spotting is also done for the consideration of other chasers/hunters.

You may also want to spot the activator on the DX Cluster.  What is the DX cluster?  Well in essence it is a ‘chatroom’ or node, into which hams can post information about stations that have either worked or heard.  The DX cluster is a worldwide network of connected computers that collect, store and disseminate information that amateurs send to it. There are thousands of nodes around the world, connected together via the internet or radio.  Below are some links to some of the various clusters…..




Screenshot 2015-01-29 10.34.21

So come on chasers & hunters.  Don’t just work the activator and move on.  Have some consideration for the activator and your fellow chasers and hunters.  It only takes a few minutes to place a spot.  And your actions will certainly be appreciated by both the activator and the many chasers/hunters.



parksnpeaks, 2015, <http://www.parksnpeaks.org/&gt;, viewed 29th January 2015

Wiki <http://www.amateur-radio-wiki.net/index.php?title=What_is_a_DX_cluster%3F&gt;, viewed 29th January 2015


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