Mount George Conservation Park

After getting home in the afternoon from the Fleurieu Peninsula, I decided to head out after tea, to do a ‘twilight’ activation at the Mount George Conservation Park.  This is just a short 10 minute drive from home, a little further to the west, along the South Eastern Freeway.

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I set up at the end of Mount George Road.  No need for my fold up table and deck chair, as there was an already provided wooden table and bench for me.  For this activation I ran the Yaesu Ft857d, 40 watts and the 40m/20m linked dipole.

After setting up I booked in to the 7130 DX Net on 40m where I worked a total of 11 stations.  This included a little bit of DX: William FO5JV 5/9 sent and 5/5 received), and Brian ZL2ASH (5/9 both ways).  I also made contact with Chris (VK3FY) operating the special event call of AX16AC for the Asian Cup Soccer tournament (or football for the purists).  And also Adrian, DL1ADI/VK3 in the Grampians National Park.

The sulphur crested cockatoos were creating a hell of a noise whilst I was on the net.  It was starting to get dark, when they become very active.  A few people on the net, commented that they could hear them in the background.


Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

I then left the net and moved up to 7.150 where I put out a CQ call, and this was answered by Steve AX5SFA who was 5/9 ++.  I went on to work a total of 30 stations on 7.150 in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, & VK7.  The band was in very good shape.  However, there were a few static crashes present, and sadly at times, the very loud Over the Horizon radar.  I would love to know where that originates from?  There are a lot of theories.

Thanks to Rob VK4FFAB who spotted me on the parksnpeaks site, and also the Amateur Radio (HAM) Australia Facebook site.  I’m sure this brought in a lot of callers.

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Prior to packing up I decided to have a quick listen on 20m.  Specifically the Southern Cross DX Net on 14.2385.  This is held daily, at 1130 UTC and Net Control is Jack W1FDY.  Jack was coming in quite well, with a 5/9 signal and he reciprocated with a 5/6 signal report.  Not bad for 40 watts and my very basic linked dipole.  I also spoke with my good friend Bill W1OW in Massachussetts (5/5 both ways), Peter AX3CFA in western Victoria, and Andy (E51AND) in the South Cook Islands, using the special call of E50A to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Self Governance in the Cook Islands.

It was starting to get cold and late (10.45 p.m.) so it was time to pack up and head home.  I had a total of 45 contacts in the log.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. William FO5JV
  2. Brian ZL2ASH
  3. George VK4GSF
  4. Rod AX3OB
  5. Chris VK2UW
  6. Paul VK7CC
  7. Phil VK2MCB
  8. Chris AX16AC
  9. Gavin VK3MLU
  10. Mal VK6MJ
  11. DL1ADI/VK3 (Grampians National Park)
  12. Steve AX5SFA
  13. Stephen VK7PSJ
  14. Jeff VK5HEL
  15. Peter AX3KCD
  16. Tony VK3FMRC
  17. Ron VK3JP
  18. Andy VK2FBAC
  19. Steve VK2FISN
  20. Nev VK5WG
  21. Bryan VK3FACT
  22. Paul AX5FZZ
  23. Rob VK4FFAB
  24. Peter VK3FPSR
  25. Ray VK3HSR
  26. Tony VK3AAT
  27. John AX6WC
  28. Ray AX3ACR
  29. David VK5NQP
  30. Tom VK5FTRG
  31. Shaun AX3VLY
  32. Oscar VK4BOV
  33. Errol VK5FEKH
  34. Chris VK6FDKR
  35. Chris AX2BOZ
  36. John VK5NJ
  37. Doug AX2FMIA/p
  38. Peter VK5FLRX
  39. Ian AX3VIG/5
  40. AX3VJG/5
  41. Peter VK3ZPF

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. Jack W1FDY
  2. Bill W1OW
  3. Peter AX3CFA
  4. Andy E50A


2 thoughts on “Mount George Conservation Park

  1. Hi Paul
    Mount George CP is a magnificent place. I undertook a mid-winter activation there in 2013 and enjoyed the chance to visit. I might go back for a walk. I need a few more walks. I have been walking, sporadically, in Scott Creek CP for a few months now and keeping a record of my time, speed, weather, calories consumed, and what I see (a six kilometre walk with a lot of climbing). I have also experimented with APRS, but five watts and a hand held is not quite adequate. I might share all this in the future based on a discussion of GPS receivers. I am trying to prepare for some Flinders Ranges Sota summits later in the year.
    Congratulations on three marvellous Australia Day activations.

    John D

  2. Thanks for your comments John. This was a spur of the moment activation. After tea, Marija said to me, ‘why don’t you go out again’ as she must have seen I still had the ‘park bug’ biting.

    It was worth heading out, with some very interesting contacts logged.

    Good luck with the Flinders activations & the walking. I certainly need to improve the fitness here at this end.



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