Innes National Park VKFF-243, Sunday night

After getting back from our activation at the Point Davenport Conservation Park on Sunday 29th March 2015, I set up directly outside the old Post Office at Inneston in the Innes National Park.  This was just a quick activation before dinner.

Unfortunately it was very noisy due to the ETSA power lines passing through the park to provide power for the acommodation.  But I boxed on and did make a total of 15 contacts including some very memorable QRP contacts.  They included Brian VK7ABY, Adrian VK5FANA, and Tom VK5FTRG.  But the most amazing contact was with Peter VK3YE who was true blue QRP at just 100 milliwatts.  Peter was an amazing 5/7 signal with this 100mw and his home brew transceiver.

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I packed up just as it was getting dark and headed inside for a beautiful meal cooked up by Marija and a nice bottle of red wine from the Clare Valley.


The following stations were worked:-

  1. VK3FDI
  2. VK4FFAB
  3. VK7ABY
  4. VK7VKT
  5. VK2ALH
  6. VK4FLAA
  7. VK3MMX/p
  8. VK3YE (qrp 100mw)
  9. VK5FO/m
  10. VK3FSPG
  11. VK2SOL
  12. VK2FMIA
  13. VK2LKW/m
  14. VK5FANA (qrp)
  15. VK5FTRG (qrp)

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