John Moyle Memorial Field Day results

The results are out for the 2015 John Moyle Field Day (JMMFD).  I am pleased to report that I came first in the Six Hour Portable Operation-Single Operator (PHONE HF) section.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 20.23.34

The JMMFD is a great contest, the aim of which is to “encourage and provide familiarisation with portable and field operation, and provide training for emergency situations”.

More info on my activation can be found at…..

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More information on the JMMFD can be found at…..

New Belgium WWFF certificate

Today via email I received the certificate below from the Belgian Flora and Fauna Association.  This particular certificate was issued to me for working 10 different ONFF references.  It is Class 3/Bronze.

The next step is Class 2/Silver – 25 different ONFF references, then Class 1/Gold which is 50 different ONFF references.

More information on the ONFFA program can be found at…..

IVK5PAS 2 (1)