John Moyle Memorial Field Day results

The results are out for the 2015 John Moyle Field Day (JMMFD).  I am pleased to report that I came first in the Six Hour Portable Operation-Single Operator (PHONE HF) section.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 20.23.34

The JMMFD is a great contest, the aim of which is to “encourage and provide familiarisation with portable and field operation, and provide training for emergency situations”.

More info on my activation can be found at…..

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More information on the JMMFD can be found at…..

8 thoughts on “John Moyle Memorial Field Day results

    • Thanks Andrew, the JMMFD is a fun little contest. Last year was the first year I had ventured out portable for this contest…I sat on the top of Mt Barker summit which sadly does not qualify for SOTA.

      See you this weekend.



    • G’day Andrew,

      All this portable activity in VK has raised a few eyebrows that you do not need 1 KW. Over the weekend whilst I was sitting in a park, I had a number of contacts again with many QRP stations running just 1 or 2 watts. Even worked Amanda again with just 500 milliwatts.

      Catch you this weekend. It should be a great weekend. And thanks for your efforts re Coree and Ginini. It is appreciated.



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