VK100ANZAC – Farina QSL card

A special QSL card has been designed for our recent activation at Farina of VK100ANZAC.

I can send the card for FREE as a PDF and/or JPEG.  Send me an email if you would like an electronic form of the card.


Or if you would like a printed version, please send a Stamped Self Addressed envelope to…..

Mr. Paul Simmonds,

PO Box 169,

Mount Barker,




4 thoughts on “VK100ANZAC – Farina QSL card

  1. Hi Paul, I would like one to be emailed if possible for my wall, I think we made a qsl that day. Did you want one back ?

    Adrian 73 Vk5fajh


  2. Hi Adrian,

    No need to send us a card. I will email you a VK100ANZAC QSL card. You are in our log at 0332 UTC on 17th June.

    But I can’t find your email address anywhere. Can you send me your email address please



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