Top players in WWFF

Yesterday after having a chat with Tony VK3VTH on the phone, I had a look at the LogSearch platform for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

Logo WWFF 9xa1_2a

I was interested to see that Tony VK3VTH was in the Top 44 ACTVATORS in the WORLD.  A great effort Tony, considering the number of hams we have down here, and how new the WWFF program is here in Australia.  Tony is sitting on 70 WWFF references worked.

And just outside the Top 44 Activators list are a few other Aussies.  Peter VK3PF is just 1 off, sitting on 62 references, followed by John VK5BJE who is on 60 references.  We all know how active Peter and John are in activating parks, not only in their own home States, but all across Australia.  Well done Peter and John.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 13.21.35

I then looked at the Top 44 ACTIVATOR list for AUSTRALIA.  Of course, sitting on the top, was Tony VK3VTH on 70 different WWFF references, followed by Peter VK3PF on 62, John VK5BJE on 60, yours truly VK5PAS on 45, and Peter VK3ZPF on 42, rounding off the top 5.

The top activator in the world by the way is SP9YFF in Poland, with an amazing 405 different WWFF activations.

And in the Top 44, I see a lot of Foundation calls which is great.  Julie VK3FOWL is sitting on 37 WWFF reference areas activated, Doug VK2FMIA is on 27 references, Rob VK4FFAB is on 17 references, Brett VK4FTWO is on 3 references, Amanda VK3FQSO is also on 3 references, Phillip VK2FPJR is on 2 references, and Alan VK5FAJS is also on 2 references.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 13.21.50

The WWFF LogSearch platform also shows the Top Activators as far as the number of QSOs.  Again, sitting proudly at the top is Tony VK3VTH with 6,893 QSOs (the European park hunters love Tony), Johan PA3EXX with 5,426 QSOs (Johan has activated numerous rare Australian IOTA’s, thus the reason why he is on the Australian list), yours truly with 3,316 QSO’s, Peter VK3PF with 2,477 QSOs and Andrew VK1NAM, rounding off the top 5, with 2,107 QSOs.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 13.21.55

And finally I looked at the Top 44 Hunter list in AUSTRALIA.  At the top of the list is Peter VK3PF with 209 different WWFF references, followed by myself with 186 references, Amanda VK3FQSO with 179, Peter VK3TKK with 153, and wrapping up the top 5 is Gerard VK2IO with 130 different WWFF references.

It was also to see a number of European call signs in the Top 44 Hunter list for Australia, proving the popularity of the VKFF program.  They include Luciano I5FLN in Italy, Max IK1GPG in Italy, Albert S58AL in Slovenia, Xaver DK4RM in Germany, Hink S52KM in Slovenia, Uwe DL2ND in Germany, and Axel DL1EBR, also in Germany.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 13.21.58

At this stage, we do not have any VK Hunters in the Top 44 Worldwide Hunter list.  Number 44 there is OH3GZ with an amazing 2,791 different WWFF references.  The top Hunter worldwide is Luciano I5FLN with a staggering 5,136 different WWFF references.

So in just over 2 years that WWFF has been running in Australia, we have some very active WWFF Park Activators and Hunters.

For more information on the World Wide Flora Fauna program, please have a look at the global website at…..

And the Australian (VKFF) website at…..

To access LogSearch, you first need to register (which is Free and Easy).  LogSearch can be located at…….

Check it out.  You might just find you have some award certificates waiting there for you.

8 thoughts on “Top players in WWFF

  1. Great to see so much support for the WWFF program in VK, well done Paul, and all the activators and hunters. Hopefully we are getting close to the required number of parks activated in VK3, and more references can be added soon.
    Mick vk3pmg.

    • Hi Mick,

      Thanks for leaving a comment about the post. The popularity of WWFF is certainly growing here in Australia, and thanks for taking part as both an Activator & a Hunter.

      As for adding more parks to Victoria……I did add all the Victorian State Parks and Coastal Parks recently, so I will be hanging off a little while yet before adding anything more. There are currently 77 parks on the WWFF list in Victoria. However, I think I will add the Victorian Wilderness Parks and the Nature Conservation Reserves (I will liaise with Tony VK3VTH re this).

      Next additions, will be some more of the South Australian Conservation Parks, and I also need to review some of the other States where it is a little quieter.



  2. Hi Paul
    This is a great post you have written pulling all this information out of the system and making it accessible to all of those interested. In my case, as you know, it took me a while to getting around to sorting out my logs and getting them up-loaded. I am caught between two competing objectives: working stations for qsos and doing interesting things with antennas and trying out different approaches eg end feds, dipoles, balanced antennas and so on, as well as playing with batteries. I know it is not meant to be a competition and not all amateurs are interested or have the resources to travel, but while I can, I like visiting parks. I am already thinking of the NSW parks I might be able to squeeze in over the end of the year break!

    John D

    • Hi John,

      Well, you are doing a great job on your journeys around the place.

      I am about to add another post for 2014 & 2015. I see that in 2014, you were number 26 on the Top 44 Activator list. Well done.

      Best 73 & ’44’.


    • Hi Kris,

      I have worked many SPFF activators, and have a few of the SPFF awards. Thanks for listening out for VK. It can be very difficult at times to break through the European pile up. So occasionally, stopped to listen for outside of Europe is greatly appreciated.

      Best 73 and ’44’,


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