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After reading a comment by Pit YO3JW re breaking down the WWFF stats by year, I decided to have a look at the build up of the WWFF program here in Australia, by looking at the 2013, 2014, & 2015 Activator statistics as they relate to Australia (this post only relates to Activators – I will look at the Hunter progress in another post).

The World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program commenced in Australia in March 2013.  Here are some stats for that year.

In 2013, in the Top 44 Activator classification (References), we had two Aussie representatives.  They being Joe VK3YSP and Julie VK3FOWL.  Joe reached number 26 on 25 references activated.  And Julie was on number 31 with 21 references activated.  I recall this year that Joe and Julie went on quite a big trip, activating National Parks all across Victoria.  What a great effort, 25 unique WWFF reference areas in one year, and featuring in the Top 44 Activators worldwide.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.29.14

And below is a list of the Top VKFF Activators for 2013.  There were 32 in total.  On the top was Joe VK3YSP, followed by Julie VK3FOWL, John VK5BJE with 14 references for that year, Paul VK5PAS with 13, and Peter VK3ZPF rounded off the top 5 with 12 WWFF references for 2013.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.46.46

We then move on to 2014.  WWFF has now been running for not quite 2 years in Australia.  And in the Top 44 we have 2 different Australian hams.  They being John VK5BJE at position number 26 in the World, with 38 different references activated in 2014.  Tony VK3VTH is sitting in position number 41 with 27 different WWFF references.  What a great effort by both John and Tony.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.34.20

The Top 44 VK list shows that the WWFF program has grown in Australia.  The number of Australian activators has increased.  In 2013 we had just 32 Australian amateurs provide their log for upload.  Now e have over 44.

Sitting on top now with 38 references for 2014 is of course, John VK5BJE.  This is followed by Tony VK3VTH with 27 references, Nick VK3ANL with 24 references, Joe VK3YSP with 20, and Julie VK3FOWL with 19.  It is very pleasing to see a number of Foundation calls in the list.  It proves that operating portable, generally puts everyone, no matter what their licence class, on an equal playing field.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.49.55

And then on to 2015.  WWFF in Australia is now just under 2 & 1/2 years old.

So far, half way through the year, we have a total of five Australians in the Top 44 Activator List for References in the World.  With 32 references, sitting in position 16, is yours truly, VK5PAS.  Closely followed by Tony VK3VTH in position 20 in the World, on 30 different WWFF references.  Then comes Peter VK3PF in position number 26 with 24 references.

It is really pleasing to see a Foundation operator from Australia, holding down position 31.  Doug VK2FMIA has a total of 23 WWFF references for 2015.  And in position 41 is another Foundation call, Rob VK4FFAB, with a total of 17 different WWFF references for 2015.  Both Doug and Rob certainly fly the flag for WWFF in their respective States.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.39.12

The Australian Activator list for 2015, shows Paul VK5PAS sitting on top with 32 unique references, closely followed by Tony VK3VTH with 30 references, then Peter VK3PF with 24.  And then Doug VK2FMIA with 23 references, and Rob VK4FFAB with 17 references.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 13.52.49

So as Australian Activators, considering our population, we are doing extremely well.  And the WWFF program in Australia is catching on in popularity, as I am sure will be evident by the next post, where I will have a look at the evolution of WWFF park hunting in Australia.

And remember, that these stats are only representative of logs provided by Park Activators for upload to the WWFF LogSearch system.  There has been a lot of other park activity, but sadly, for a variety of different reasons, those logs have never been provided for upload.

So, please, if you activate a qualifying park for WWFF, please provide your log for upload.  It is simply a matter of forwarding via email to VK5PAS, an ADIF file or a CSV file (template found on WWFF Australia website) and your log will be uploaded.

73 & 44

Paul, VK5PAS

(WWFF Co-ordinator Australia)

2 thoughts on “More WWFF stats

  1. WOW, I always new i was world class, but i did not think i would be in the top 44 activators in all the world. F Call for the win.

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