Belgian Flora and Fauna Award

This morning I received via email, my latest Belgian Flora and Fauna (ONFF) award.  it is for working 25 different Belgian ONFF reference areas.  The next step is the Gold, which requires 50 different ONFF reference areas.

Many thanks to Gino ON4BB for the certificate.

And also thanks to all of the Belgian activators, particularly Danny OT4V, Swa ON5SWA and Yves ON8ON.

VK5PAS (2)

6 thoughts on “Belgian Flora and Fauna Award

    • Hi Chris,

      Just checked the WWFF Directory. There’s a total of 490 ONFF references, so there is no shortage. Just need to be in the right place at the right time, and be able to break through the European pile up. However, a number of the Belgian activators are now specifically listening out for VK, which s greatly appreciated.

      Cheers mate,


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