WWFF Park to Park certificate

This afternoon I received via email my first WWFF Park to Park (P2P) certificate.  This is for 10 confirmed park to park references worked.

Andrew in the UK (the Log Search administrator) is working on a mechanism to allow existing logs in WWFF Log Search, to be updated for P2P contacts.  So I will have a lot of catching up to do with updating the records re many previous park to park contacts.

Many thanks to Danny ON4VT and Andrew M0MYA.

For more information on the new Park to Park Award, please see……


VK5PAS WWFF Park to Park 10.jpeg

5 thoughts on “WWFF Park to Park certificate

  1. Hi Adrian,

    It will be good when Andrew puts the back capture feature in place.

    But the real challenge is going to be getting other park activators to do the same, and/or record the park to park contact accurately in their log in the first instance.



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