The WWFF Park to Park Award

In January, 2016, the long awaiting ‘Park to Park’ Award was officially released in the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

The WWFF Park to Park (P2P) certificates are issued to park activators who operate portable from a WWFF reference area, and who make contact with other park activators in a WWFF reference area.  The first P2P certificate is issued for 10 park to park contacts and is next issued for 44 P2P contacts, then 88 P2P contacts, etc.  These are incremental steps of 44.

The P2P award certificates are applied for on-line via WWFF Log Search.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.08.42

Please note, that P2P contacts need to be recorded in your activator log, which in turn must be uploaded to WWFF Log Search.  Log Search looks for a match between the two P2P activator logs, with the following information:

  • the two dates
  • the two bands
  • the two modes


How to track your P2P progress.

After completing a search on your call sign from the Home (Search) page of WWFF Log Search, you will come to your ‘Summary Statistics’ page (see the screenshot below).  It is from here that you will be able to see your progress with regards to the P2P award, and also apply for the P2P award.

But what does ‘Unique References Confirmed’ mean?

And what does Total P2P QSOs mean?

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.10.48

Lets start with ‘Unique References Confirmed’.  You will also see 2 figures (31/74 in the screen shot below).  The second figure (in this case 74) indicates the number of unique P2P contacts.  The first figure (in this case 31) indicates the number of those P2P contacts which have been confirmed in Log Search.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.16.05

And what about the figures in the ‘Total P2P QSO’ area?  The second figure (104 in the screen shot below) indicates that you have a total of 104 P2P contacts.  The first figure (38 in the screen shot below) indicates that 38 of the 104 park to park contacts have been confirmed in Log Search.  In other words, 38 P2P contacts have been matched in Log Search from one activator log with another activator log.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.16.45


How to apply for a P2P certificate.

To apply for a P2P award, click on the ‘Apply for P2P-A button (see the screen shot below).

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.29.05

You will then receive an auto generated email from Log Search (see screen shot below) thanking you for applying for the P2P award.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.32.38

Soon after, you should another auto generated email from WWFF Log Search, advising that the Award Manager has approved your P2P award (lets hope its not a disapprove email).  See the screen shot below….

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.35.13

And then you will receive your P2P certificate from the P2P Awards Manager, Danny ON4VT.  See below…..

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.35.31


What do I have to show in my Activator Log?

For Activators, it is very important that accurate P2P information is recorded in either the ADIF file or the CSV file.

ADIF files require the WWFF reference in the SIG/SIG_INFO fields, or the appropriate column in the CSV template.

The ADIF file needs to be correctly completed.

MY_SIG_INFO = your xxFF-xxx

If you work someone Park To Park, in addition the following needs to be in the ADIF file…..

SIG_INFO = their xxFF-xxxx

If your ADIF specs do not pick up the other activators P2P details, then you need to edit your ADIF file manually.  This is easy, through a text editor.  I use a Mac, and use textedit.  Simply add the following information for each applicable P2P contact (before the EOR).

<SIG:4>WWFF <SIG_INFO:8>xxFF-xxx         –where reference is three digits

 <SIG:4>WWFF <SIG_INFO:9>xxFF-xxxx        –where reference is four digits

**Remember, that VKFF references are four (4) digits, so you need to use…..

<SIG:4>WWFF <SIG_INFO:9>xxFF-xxxx        

Screenshot 2016-02-12 13.25.30

I will try to put together a short video of this editing ADIF file process in the very near future.

If you are using the CSV template, you must complete the ‘hunterRef’ column (see below).  Remember to use the correct format, e.g. VKFF-0029.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 12.40.48


Is the P2P award retrospective?

Yes, it is.  Valid P2P contacts do not have to be from the release date.  They can be historical.

How do I back capture old P2P contacts?

Andrew M0MYA is working on a mechanism to allow existing logs to be uploaded for P2P info.  This will allow for updating restrospective P2P contacts, and will probably be via a CSV file.

12 thoughts on “The WWFF Park to Park Award

    • Hi Mick,

      Not as far as I know mate. I use FLE as you know to create an ADIF which I upload to Log Search and then to my own MacLogger DX electronic logging program. I have been having to use textedit and manually enter the P2P details. A bit of a pain.



  1. Hi Paul and Mick,

    I just had a look at one of my last VKFF logs that I sent to you, Paul and it shows that my P2P info was exported in my ADI output file as I wrote the P2P information in the comment field in FLE. I am assuming that it has worked, so that would be a faster option than manually entering the info afterwards I would imagine. HTH 🙂


    • Very good Amanda. Thats good news. I was not sure if FLE was able to do that. Halfway through reading the instructions again.

      Have just finished a hookup with Jonathan VK6JON on Skype for the past hour or so, discussing the VK5 Parks database.



  2. No worries Paul, looking for the CSV to download, can’t see it in the group files section, or any files in there.
    Can you direct me please, much appreciated.

  3. That’s terrific, Paul…having a database will save you lots of time I think! To be able to have everything all in once place, to keep track of it, will be a blessing for everyone. 🙂 Give me a shout if I can do anything to help. 🙂


    • Hi Amanda,

      Its taken a long time for someone to put their hand up to put a database together, despite numerous please to my local radio club of 160 + members, etc. Jonathan VK6JON has been great. We have been doing a lot of ‘field testing’ the system before releasing it ‘LIVE’.



  4. …and my previous post on another thread has been answered! Great admin in the background again Paul and thanks also to Jon and the beta testers.

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