XYL Appreciation certificate

I read some ‘tongue in cheek’ comments on Facebook recently by Wendy, who is the wife of Stef VK5HSX, about a wife/partner certificate for their devotion to their partner’s crazy hobby of ham radio (particularly the SOTA & Parks activators).

I had a think about this and thought there was a lot of merit in this, and have produced the certificate below.

I know on a personal level, my wife Marija, has devoted countless hours in accompanying me to parks and summits.  This has included early morning starts, late nights, long drives, making of lunches, boiling of coffee, mosquito bites, avoiding snakes, and the inevitable bumps, scratches and bruises (not to mention her missing out on the Bold and the Beautiful).

So if you’d like this certificate to present to your better half, drop me an email at……



2 thoughts on “XYL Appreciation certificate

  1. A great innovation! Pretty sure Tanya (my wife) will trade hers for someone else cooking dinner. Unfortunately the timing conflicts with some good openings on 40M around dinner time!

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